Road Runner Sports Review AND Chance to Win a night watch outfit valued at $150~ ENDS 12/16/2013

Road Runner Sports Review AND Chance to Win a night watch outfit valued at $150~ ENDS 12/16/2013

I love working out! Yes I obsess about it all the time on my blog.. So finding a company that properly creates gear for what I do is important. Yes I know some of you workout in “just whatever” but I think when you’re at the gym you should feel confident! If you feel confident you want to workout more, you know you’re improving yourself, you’re making a difference and you see it! I love feeling ‘cute’ at the gym. Now don’t get me wrong I know that if I still look cute in the face after my workout than I need to get my cahootie back on the treadmill and run some more but hey my clothes can look cute.
Well I love working out but one thing I have become obsessed with is cardio! I love to run and I love to run when it is nice and chilly outside because then I don’t get to sweaty it being cold outside means two things A) If I don’t run enough I am going to freeze! There is a 90% chance it is pitch black outside and my husband is going to have a cow about me running in the dark. All of these factors brought me to the R-Gear collection from Road Runner Sports! Inside the collection they have fitness outfits for every activity you are going to partake in whether it is Running or Yoga! They are not only fashionable but practical
, I jumped straight for the Night Watch clothes they were absolutely everything I was looking for because David will now let me go running at night or first thing not so bright an early!

I am going to start with the running tights! The Women’s R-Gear Night Watch Tight are phenomenal in so many different ways! They have a secret pocket in the back right above the toosh! They have a grip type material right at the ankles to ensure they stay in place while you are running (have you ever ran with slipping pants? NOT EASY!) and they have built in bright LED 360 degree reflector light! They also have a draw string on the front of the pants so you have a very comfortable fit! To top that off the material is absolutely spectacular! It is heave and soft to keep you warm but not heavy enough that you can’t workout in warmer heats! Ive got to admit I am kind of obsessed! They have a amazingly bright hot pink accent on the ankles and look so fashionable! Which is always a plus for me!

Okay COAT TIME!!! Above is the Women’s R-Gear Night Watch Jacket! The jacket obviously matches the running tights perfectly! The hot pink is so vibrant you’re bound to stand out when you are wearing it (kind of the point right?)The jacket contains the same light up LED technology as the pants to ensure you are seen when runing in dimmer lights and the night time! The LED lights have two different settings you can choose from, solid or blinking! The jacket contains four pockets so that you can carry whatever you need throughout your workout and run without a problem there is even a pocket up on the chest area that is perfect for putting your ipod in! Plus the jacket is super warm! I love it! It keeps me cozy without feeling gross or like I am in a sauna!

The R-Gear headband I got.. This headband is called the Pure Plush headband for a reason it is insanely soft! I love it! My sister in law pointed out it was softer than the $45 one she had just bought from Nike and warmer! Yep that is good shopping right there, not only is it a better deal but it is just plain off better! The band fits comfortably around your ears and face locking in extra warmth! I love all of the gear I got from the R-Gear collection! It is amazing and I love working out looking cute!!

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