100 % Pure Shampoo, Conditoner and Body Wash Review

100 % Pure Shampoo, Conditoner and Body Wash Review

100 %Pure Review

I have a daughter with thick curly hair and one with long fine hair, So when shopping for shampoo I look for one for both hair types which can be time consuming and I usually get one for curly hair and one for fine hair, My only problem is when a new shampoo comes out claiming for all hair types, It contains sulfates and any one with curly hair knows that it dries it out and makes it appear dull and life less, And there are not many Shampoo’s out there that do not contain Sulfates , So when I found 100% Pure Cosmetics and read that their products are made from all natural ingredients I was ecstatic, There key elements for the shampoo I requested Which was the Kelp Mint Shampoo and the Kelp Mint Conditioner are . Key Benefits

  • 100% natural, 100% vegan, gluten free
  • for fortified, thicker hair
  • gentle enough for color treated hair
  • kelp helps to thicken and fortify hair and seaweed collagen boosts shine
  • All natural formula does not contain synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives, sulfates, detergents or any other harsh ingredients and I can read and understand each and every ingredient listed. I am like yes finally a Shampoo and Conditioner that I will not have to worry about putting harsh chemicals in my girl’s hair, Just after one wash I could feel and see the difference in her hair, Not only was it easy to comb through but it felt nice and soft, Usually after putting in Shampoo and Conditioner, I have to put in a leave in conditioner product just to be able to actually comb through and then add another product just to give it some bounce. I also had my daughter with fine long hair try it and her hair felt nice and soft afterwards as well, I had to try this for myself and I am in awe with this shampoo and conditioner , I have received so many compliments even my hair dresser noticed a difference in my hair on how nice it felt, When I told her what I used she had to see it with her own eyes, Thinking that it was organic that it may smell funny , but nope, I have tried other shampoos with Mint in them and it was so strong that it made my eyes tear up in the shower , but not this ,which was a relief to me . This is a truly amazing product and I recommend this to anyone who wants a pure and natural shampoo for their hair, You will not be disappointed .
  • I love any thing Vanilla Scented as does my girls so when I saw that they had Vanilla Bean Hydrating body wash, I wanted to try it , I was expecting it to be like other cream type body washes boy was I wrong, It comes in a liquid form with a specially formulate pump that turns the liquid into foam and I actually used less than expected and the smell is out of this world, not to heavy and not to light, Just the right amount and the pump lets you put on a little or a lot but I just pumped it twice and the amount of bubbles that came out were more than necessary which was not a bad thing, My skin felt so soft and smooth and refreshed, and did not leave any residue, which by any means is a plus in my book.

So if you are looking for natural chemical free %100 Pure products this is the one place to check out. I was truly pleased and highly recommend these products.

Vanilla BeanKelp and Mint Shampoo

I was not compensated in any for these products other than receiving these , All opinions are my own..