Snikiddy Snack ~ A Glitter Ball Life Style Review

Snikiddy Snack ~ A Glitter Ball Life Style Review

In Searching for healthier snack options I came across Snikiddy A Great product with a funny sounding name, Yes saying Snikiddy over and over sounds funny, But these deliciously good for you snacks are no joke, and We were graciously gifted to test and review them , Danielle my 10 year old The official snack taster of the house could not get enough of these, once the bag of Mac -N -Cheese Puffs were open she did not want to close them and savor them for another day, She even requested that we buy these so she could take them to school for her afternoon snack. That is saying a lot since she is my most picky eater out of the 3 kids. They are made with simple ingredients and no trans-fat , gluten free and no GMO’s , Just because they don’t have what you would normally find in other similar products does not mean it loses flavor or taste. As a Mom I would prefer for my kids to eat more healthier options and I encourage it , These are a delicious snack that I would not mind for them to eat on a daily basis.

My oldest daughter tried the Eat Your Vegetables, these amazing chip combines so much vegetable goodness that is was an unexpected surprise, just the right amount of flavor and the taste was out of this world , low in sodium and ingredients that you can pronounce and know what they are without having to look up the definition in a dictionary

I did a blind taste test with my son ( yes he trusts me very much) with the Baked Grilled Cheese Puffs the moment he put one in his mouth he uncovered his eyes and had to know what they were, at first I thought he might of not liked them but did he ever, He wanted to eat more

So in conclusion these were a Big hit in my home and yes they are going on our preferred snack list and will be purchased in the very near future

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*Disclaimer * Glitter Ball Life Style was not compensated for our review other than receiving the product, All opinions are %100 Mine and my kids and may differ from yours

Insta Wave Automatic Curler Review

Insta Wave Automatic Curler Review

Anyone who has ever seen a picture of me knows I have EXTREMELY straight hair. I look like I flat-iron it daily even though I don’t! This curling iron was a  DREAM to work with  on my waist length hair!

This awesome curling iron heats up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit, and has diamond-ceramic technology in the barrel. which allows for the hair to slide off easily which is AWESOME when you have lots of hair!

For those of you with finer hair there is also a low heat setting  to allow for all hair types to be easily curled.

There is a Curl Dial on this which allows for easily curling because the curling iron wraps the hair around  the barrel for you and with its automatic shut off if your in a rush you have no need to worry about remembering  if you have turned it off or not !