Perugina Baci Chocolate Review

Perugina Baci Chocolate Review

What Do you get when you combine Hazelnut with Chocolate? A slice of heaven that comes with a little Love Notes. We were given a much honored chance to try out this delectable smooth dark chocolate so aptly named Baci. One little taste in your mouth and you can feel the goodness warm your heart and melt in your mouth. Great combination of Hazelnut pieces swirled with chocolate around a whole Hazelnut. My family are huge chocolate lovers and when this arrived we could not wait to indulge and we were not disappointed in the least. Easy to become addicted to these they have just the right amount of sweetness . They were a huge hit in my house and would make a wonder gift for any one for Valentines Day or Any day of the year.The package is pleasing and the chocolates are elegantly wrapped. Comes is Flavors of Dark, Milk and White Chocolates. Very pleasing on the palate like a little bit of Italy in each bite.

About them ~In 1907, a tiny workshop in Central Perugia was busy making sugared almonds. But that tiny workshop became bigger than its four walls when Perugina’s founders, Giovanni Buitoni and Luisa Spagnoli, made a chocolate confection that could only have been conjured up by two star-crossed lovers.
On Valentine’s Day in 1922, inspired by pure passion, Perugina co-founder Luisa Spagnoli created a confection as grand as her love for a special someone and around each confection she would wrap a love note. Although originally named “Cazzotto” (Italian for fist or punch) due to it’s irregular shape, the name of the chocolates was later changed to Baci, the Italian word for kisses. Luisa realized the confection was too good to keep secret, and soon Baci became a favorite among the young lovers browsing the Perugina sweetshop. Nearly 100 years later, Baci are still exclusively produced in Perugia, Italy. The recipe is unchanged: silky dark chocolate envelopes a heart of gianduia (a luscious blend of chocolate and hazelnut cream) dotted with more chopped hazelnuts and gloriously crowned with a whole hazelnut. Each Bacio remains hugged by a note that reflects sentiments of love, affection and friendship.

From the Perugina Rossana with its unmistakable filling of exquisite rum, almond, and milk-flavored cream, to the renowned dark chocolate Luisa bar, and, the latest labor of love, the Double Layer Baci Perugina Bar, Perugina transformed Perugia into the “Land of Chocolate.Continue Reading …

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