LightShow DJ. Review.

LightShow DJ. Review.


Are you entertaining this holiday season ? If so I bet you will have Holiday themed music playing in the back ground to get folks into the Holiday Spirit. So why not add a light show? Well with the Uncle Milton Lightshow DJ You can

It Features
Sound activated light pumps to the beat of the music.
Over 20 dazzling light and color combinations.
4 music programs to match different music
Adjustable base for different projection angles.
Peel ‘n stick decals to customize light pods

I and the kidlets were so excited when this arrived they could not wait to set it to their own taste in music, We have Music on Demand on our TV, so we tried it with various type of music from Classic Rock, to Pop Rock and even turned on a little Country Twang and you could see the lights flickering with the beat of the music, though I do recommend that it is best to view in low lighting areas and keep it close to the speakers, With the holidays approaching we set the music to Christmas theme and were gleefully met by an array of colors and lights. So if you are looking to add some cheer to your next get together please check out the LightShow DJ, at my house we truly enjoyed and we think you would too.
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