I’m sure as Mom or Caregiver that you encounter stains,Any many products that you use don’t get rid of the stain the first time, or that you have to let it soak for a period of time, such stains that contain oil or grease, Well I am here to tell you of this amazing product so aptly named FELS-NAPTHA , Now the name may sound strange but this stuff really works, My child as part of her school uniform must wear a white shirt, I know crazy right but that is one of the colors that she must wear, Now they serve pizza or other lunches that are also sauce based and she drips food on her clothes and by the time she comes home Well the stain is pretty much set in and there are times that I don’t get to it right away and it sits for a few days, When I do get to it I use a spray on stain remover and a bleach pen to remove any trace amounts of such stain. So when Purex asked me to give FELS- NAPTHA a try I was all for it .So the ultimate test to see if it really worked , She came home once again with her stained white shirt that had pizza sauce and a slight ink stain on her shirt, I followed the directions on the package which is to wet the stain and rub the FELS-NAPTHA on it , I could clearly see that the stain was going away , also in the directions it tells you to wait a few minutes then launder as normal. I did not use any other stain remover, not even Bleach. after washing I was very impressed no stain, no grease spot. It was completely gone and had a nice after clean smell to it. So since 1894 PUREX FELS-NAPTHA has been available, why I never noticed before perhaps I have a just did not pay attention to it. I have used the same brand that My Mother used on my clothes. I am very pleased with the results that I got from using this product FELS-NAPTHA. and I will continue to use it as my go to stain remover. Now here comes the best part three (3) lucky people will have a chance to try win a COUPON FOR A FREE LAUNDRY BAR and discover and try out this wonderful product for them selves .. So what are you waiting for enter today Starts Midnight EDT 11-25-13 and Ends 12-01-13 midnight EDT..21felsnaptha
DSC01189 The STAIN

DSC01187DSC01191The Solution


DSC01208No More Stain

*DISCLOSURE* Purex provided me with a sample of Purex Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar in exchange for a product review, All opinions expressed here are my own.

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