Sweet Pea Box Review and 4PC Box Giveaway!! Ends January 13th!

Sweet Pea Box Review and 4PC Box Giveaway!! Ends January 13th!

So if your like me …and I am guessing you are because your here…you like the finer things in life. Not just for you but for your family as well! AND chances are you read our shout out earlier this month for Sweet Pea Box! Go HERE if not: Sweet Pea Box Review! We LOVE this place! We received a 8 PC box for Bellamie. After we talked to the ladies who run Sweet Pea Box a few times, and they got a feel for our style we where ready to go! You will get to take a personalized style quiz! For each box you get, they ask what size your children wear and what colors and styles they like. Finally, you can get as specific as you like by adding a message to the stylist for each box you get. Tell them your child’s personality, what brands you like, anything to help their stylist create the perfect box for your child. I will tell ya that after just a few emails they had us figured out! They sent a PERFECT assortment! It reflected our family’s taste and everyone was happy with the clothing (Even Mick….now that says a lot!) We are all picky, and rarely is everyone happy…even Bellamie!! She LOVES her Pickle Peas shirt! It has a snap on Robot that she loves to play with…we love it because we can un-snap a mess…and refresh by adding a new snap on bib (or go with out!) and our slobbering baby is sparkly clean again! My personal favorite is her Gymboree outfits. She got an ADORABLE corduroy jumper and matching shirt and a super cute one piece fleecy outfit! Morgan had her favorites….”Violet and Moss”! This is a favorite brand of hers anyhow so if was a huge bonus to get TWO pieces! A cute dress with a huge bow and a skirt. Ok believe it or not that isnt all either. Now here I am unclear as to whether they follow the blog…or if it was a lucky guess…We got a 3 piece krazylegs outfit…a top, leggings and a TUTU! If you follow the BHDD social media, you will notice Bellamie is in tutu’s often. Her mom, my daughter Morgan, was in ballet for years! So of course Bellamie has a collection of tutu’s! Well Played Sweet Pea Box….Well Played! We are now addicted! This is by far the BEST subscription box we have had the pleasure to review. AND this will be the ONLY box I will continue to subscribe to! Honestly @$50 for the WHOLE box how can you not! ONE of the outfits cost more than this!! I am guessing our box was easily $150-$175 in retail. I am beyond happy! So will you be! ONE OF YOU gets the chance to win a 4 pc. box of name brand baby clothing of your own! I have no doubts there will be many many new fans of our new favorite baby shop Via The Sweet Pea Box!

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Rumpkinz Diaper Review

Rumpkinz Diaper Review


So we all know I cloth diaper!  Well we received a diaper from a Rumpkinz and I must say we are in LOVE! We received a pink bobble minky diaper, with a embroidered panda! We think its amazingly adorable!

For the prep(Which every cloth diaper needs.) I simply ran it through the wash with a cloth diaper friendly soap and double rinsed to make sure there is no left over soap residue! I used Tide Free and Clear but I have also used soap nuts.  Both of these are super cloth diaper friendly!


The quality of this diaper is great. No loose threads, straight seams, no leaks through the PUL!  The diaper itself has an adjustable rise, and adjustable waist. With elastic along the back and elastic in the legs. The insert that came with this diaper is also VERY absorbent!  It holds a TON of liquid! When I pulled it out of the washer it was VERY soggy and wet,but it dried the first round in the dryer.


These are really easy to snap and adjust, I tinkered with the snaps to see how many sizes you could make, it has 3 rises(low, medium, and high). My little girl has adorable chubby baby thighs, and a skinny mini waist, which means alot of cloth diapers require a TON of  work to get snapped snuggle around her waist, with out being to snug around her thighs. These fit correctly the first time I snapped it!

Over all this is a super cute diaper, made by a stay at home mom. The quality is fantastic, and I absolutely love this fit! This diaper definately will be put into my regular rotation of diapers as one of my go to and favorites!

Bella in her rumpkinz diaper