Rumpkinz Diaper Review

Rumpkinz Diaper Review


So we all know I cloth diaper!  Well we received a diaper from a Rumpkinz and I must say we are in LOVE! We received a pink bobble minky diaper, with a embroidered panda! We think its amazingly adorable!

For the prep(Which every cloth diaper needs.) I simply ran it through the wash with a cloth diaper friendly soap and double rinsed to make sure there is no left over soap residue! I used Tide Free and Clear but I have also used soap nuts.  Both of these are super cloth diaper friendly!


The quality of this diaper is great. No loose threads, straight seams, no leaks through the PUL!  The diaper itself has an adjustable rise, and adjustable waist. With elastic along the back and elastic in the legs. The insert that came with this diaper is also VERY absorbent!  It holds a TON of liquid! When I pulled it out of the washer it was VERY soggy and wet,but it dried the first round in the dryer.


These are really easy to snap and adjust, I tinkered with the snaps to see how many sizes you could make, it has 3 rises(low, medium, and high). My little girl has adorable chubby baby thighs, and a skinny mini waist, which means alot of cloth diapers require a TON of  work to get snapped snuggle around her waist, with out being to snug around her thighs. These fit correctly the first time I snapped it!

Over all this is a super cute diaper, made by a stay at home mom. The quality is fantastic, and I absolutely love this fit! This diaper definately will be put into my regular rotation of diapers as one of my go to and favorites!

Bella in her rumpkinz diaper