Star Wars Wonder Forge Game Review, Holiday 2015

Star Wars Wonder Forge Game Review, Holiday 2015

Wonder Forge sent us not one but TWO awesome Star Wars games! We got Star Wars, Star Destroyer Strike Game, and Star Wars Galaxy Hunt. Both of these games are rated 6 plus which is great considering my boyfriends twin boys who just turned seven!

Star Wars Galaxy Hunt is a game that you have peices that represent the Resistance and the First Order. All of these peices are placed up side down with the pegs up. Then you spin the dial and remove the shaped peices you got on the dial, if the arm doesnt move and you pick up a resistance peice you gain a point and get to keep it, if it moves you gain a point but need to put it back. If you get the First Order peice you have to keep it and you loose a point.  At the end if you have the HIGHEST score, once all the peices are gone you win.

Star Wars Star Destroyer Strike Game is a simple game. Each player gets four peices, one for each “branch” of the board. Then each player gets two cards, then you do as the cards instruct and move your peices.  Between turns you need to spin the Star Destroyer, every oncein a while the timer will go off and the players whoms turn it is must stop and wait for the lazer to go off. If your peice gets hit directly from the destroyer or from it bouncing off the mirrors placed withen the game space you remove that peice from play. The last person with a peice still in play, or the first person to successfully reach the star destroyer is the winner.

About Wonder Forge:

Incredible fun for the whole family!

In 2007, Jacobe Chrisman (Founder & CEO) and a small group of creative types with a passion for children’s entertainment came together to develop extraordinarily fun, original play experiences for kids and families.

Since its launch, Wonder Forge has consistently offered top-quality experiences, raising the bar for preschool and family games everywhere. The preschool titles celebrate the “can do” attitude in all kids—engaging them physically, socially, and creatively. The family games bridge generation gaps and create wholesome family moments and lasting memories.

Wonder Forge works tirelessly to create strong, long-lasting partnerships with licensors. This approach has set the foundation for securing cherished literary licenses, like Dr. Seuss and Richard Scarry, as well as more recent favorites, like Disney Jr., Warner Bros., and Nickelodeon. See our complete list of partners here.

Today Wonder Forge makes over 85 games that have won more than 160 of the industry’s top awards for product excellence. They are sold nationwide and in over 11 countries.

TWO WINNERS Over $550 Total Prizes From Sono Hair! Ends 1/4/2016 (LIVE NOW)

TWO WINNERS Over $550 Total Prizes From Sono Hair! Ends 1/4/2016 (LIVE NOW)

Start the year out with Full Sexy Hair! Did you read the review? If not you need to! You can find that right here: Sono Review!  We are in LOVE! After all who doesn’t want to feel beautiful right!


The two prizes are:


#1 First Place – Ultimate Solo Package – $302.70 value!

1 – Sono Solo Hair Extension: Thickness, Length, and Color of your choice.
1 – Sono Clip-In Bangs: Style and Color of your choice.
1 – Sono Extension Brush
1 – Sono Pack of Extension Clips
1 – Sono Extension Hanger
1 – Sono Extension Sleeve
Sono Solo: You’ve Got This
Our 100% Human Solo hair extensions fall into the “halo” or “crown” category of extensions, sitting as they do around the crown area of your head. The hair is attached to one long, wide weft and strung onto the back of an adjustable microfilm wire. Simply move the notch of the wire to fit your head size, then slip your Solo on as you would a headband, pulling your natural hair over the wire to disguise.

  • 100% Human hair on a single wide weft
  • adjustable microfilm wire
  • sits snugly on the crown of the head
  • one-time fitting
  • momentary installation
  • pull your natural hair over the wire to blend
  • available in 16″ (105-145g), 18″ (105-155g), and 20″ (105-165g) varieties




#2 Second Place – Ultimate Clip-In Package – $257.70 value!
1 – Sono Clip-In Hair Extension Set: Thickness, Length, and Color of your choice.
1 – Sono Clip-In Bangs: Style and Color of your choice.
1 – Sono Extension Brush
1 – Sono Pack of Extension Clips
1 – Sono Extension Hanger
1 – Sono Extension Sleeve

(The lengths for the Solo and Clip-ins are 16″,18″, and 20″) Sono’s easy-to-use, 100% Human Clip-In (clip-on) hair extensions give you amazing length and fullness
with no commitment. It’ll be the best one-sided relationship you’ve ever had.

Shop At Home! 6% cash back!!! PLUS a chance to WIN $100 Sears GC

Shop At Home! 6% cash back!!! PLUS a chance to WIN $100 Sears GC

eggSo I am sitting here scrambling for all the last-minute holiday stuff we need. Usually I am way ahead of the game and have everything DONE by now! Just today we set up the tree.  It’s the 12th of December… I also found myself lacking in the gift department for a few of the kids. If you have kids you know this would not end well until I balanced the gift to child ratio!

Upon setting up the glorious green tree I first off realized that I need some ornaments! So I went to my handy-dandy go to site ShopAtHome to see what the best deals are! Right now Get 6% Cash Back and 50 ShopGold Rewards on your Sears purchase through No code required. I also have Shop Your Way Rewards in my Sears account, so this was an easy to make decision! Add to this that there are a LOT of discount codes to stack up the savings I was game on!

Some of the coupons I found are:

Friends and Family! Extra 5-20% off Featured Categories
$35 off $300+ order.
Extra $25 Off Appliance $300+ Purchase
$50 off $499+ Appliance order.
35 off $300+ Tool order.

And about 3 dozen other deals! A lot of the Holiday Ornaments are already marked way down!! SCORE #1 Another awesome find was that the KitchenAid Stand Mixers are not only on sale 25% off + a $50 Rebate  + get 6% cash back! Umm yeah who’ s That savvy lady baking up a storm in aisle 5…Oh yes that IS ME! So happy you noticed!

eggI went for a pink KitchenAid KP26M1XPK Professional 600 Series 6 Quart Stand Mixer. Its regular price is $449.99 after the sale it drops to $337.50! I get 6% cash back, that is $20.25 AND I get that $50 rebate! This brings my total OOP cost down to $267.25
That’s a savings of $182.74!! Um Merry Christmas To ME!

With cash back and amazing deals I don’t have to worry about breaking the bank! Shop At Home has me covered. Its like getting paid to save!  See what amazing deals you can find! To make it easier Shop At Home is Giving ONE winner a $100 Sears Gift Card! What a great way to start the New Year!

Enter below for a chance to win a $100 Sears Gift Card!!!!

Giveaway runs from 12/13 to 12/24at 11:59 pm EST

Chances of winning depend on entries received.

Open to US residents 18 years and older

prize valued at $100

Winner entry will be verified

Winner has 48 hours to reply to this notification email or another winner will be selected.

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Adult Coloring Book Review!

Adult Coloring Book Review!

12314011_997135100343291_8570160309759597884_nWe got some epic coloring books made for adults. Even with the most basic skills you can create amazing works of art from the simpliest to the most gallery worthy peices just by following the instructions from the book. Making awesome stocking stuffers and gifts for the holidays these books are amazing, this is the official list that was sent to us of all 11 coloring books listed here:

Tangled Treasures Coloring Book by Jane Monk – The soothing flow of tangling plus the meditative action of coloring makes this book a treat.
100 Things to Draw with a Triangle by Sarah Walsh – Think of all the possibilities! Stars, snowflakes, trees, gifts and more! Doodle your way to holiday spirit with Sara Walsh (Just Add Color: Circus, Day of the Dead, Carnival).
Doodling for Tree Huggers and Nature Lovers by Gemma Correll – Doodling 12274669_997135663676568_435279950183616097_nis for everyone, and we mean everyone! Know a nature lover? This sassy draw-in journal is great for those who get creative in the great wide open.
Change Your Life One Doodle at a Time by Salli S. Swindell – Change is excitement. Change is surprise. Change is progress. Change is the thrill that comes from something new. Making small changes through this doodle journal can help you become happier and more confident.
  5 and 6.  
Color Me Stress-Free Color Me Calm by Lacy Mucklow and Angela Porter – These books examine the benefits of putting pencil (or crayon, marker, and ink) to paper and offers adults an opportunity to channel their anxiety into satisfying, creative accomplishment.
 12314080_997135307009937_6263660772477374998_n 7 and 8.  
Portable Color Me Calm / Portable Color Me Happy by Lacy Mucklow and Angela Porter – The international bestselling series now in a smaller, portable package. Bring it with you on a plane when travelling for the holidays. Makes a perfect small gift for any night and fits right inside a stocking!
20 Ways to Draw a Star by Studio SSS – This motivational practice book provides a new take on the world of sketching, doodling, and designing. Take a step-back and think about all the different ways to draw something. Open your mind to the possibilities and differences in everyday objects. Get out your favorite drawing tool, and remember, there are not just 20 Ways to Draw a Star!12308707_997135190343282_4931437823085363406_n
Doodling for Bookworms by Gemma Correll – Of course you know someone who loves to unwind by the fire, relaxing with a cup of tea and a good book. Jumpstart the creativity of your favorite book nerd and give them this great activity book filled with Shakespeare, George Orwell, and Jane Austen.
Tangled Gardens Coloring Book by Jane Monk – If the snow and cold stress you out, cozy up to Jane Monk’s Tangled Gardens. Use your brightest pigments to create a warm and inviting garden while you wait for spring to return.
Each of these coloring books has its own style of art work and pictures from amazing artists from all over the place!  Two of our coloring books came with crayons and color pencils(look at the picture to see!) And the rest came with their own skill sets needed! Some of these coloring books also explain shading and color combinations to help you get the best pictures you can with your coloring skills.
I particularly like the Color Me Happy/Calm and the Tangled Garden book! The picture shown here is from the color me happy book! Please follow for the contest!


Sono Hair Extensions Review Part 1:

Sono Hair Extensions Review Part 1:

November starlooks2So we have this AMAZING hair company that sent us these amazing hair extensions! We got the Sono Solo Hair Extensions, ours are 20 inches long in shade 1: Jet Black and they blend amazingly with my hair that is dyed using black blue by Feria.  So when we got these they come in a hard box in a hair net. Which is actualyl a good thing. These are so long that when theyre not in place they could get tangled if not stored properly.

In my hair they added around 6 inches in length and doubled the volume! If youve ever seen my hair you know I personally have ALOT of hair! Look at this picture before the hair extensions were put in.


Once I put these in I took alot of care blending them in since the ends of my hair are currently saphire blue! But once I got them blended in they looked amazingly natural! I Got SO many compliments about my hair during my pre-black friday retail therapy and at Thanksgiving dinner with my family! They look so natural my dad didnt even notice that I had them in he thought it was my natural hair!  I will add more when I curl my hair next and show you how awesome that looks as well!november starlook4

These extensions are a little bit different than your normal hair extensions they use a microfilm wire instead of clips. So you need to adjust the length of the wire by using the hook and putting it into the various differenty loops on the inside till its adjusted to fit you properly. To put them in you need to part your hair at the top of your head near the crown but slightler higher. Then create a second part along the bottom to middle of your ears putting the hair in the center into a pony tail. Then comb the hair from the top part forward so its not behind your head. Place the extensions in with the microfilm wire on top the pony tail in the back and the hair below. Make sure its snug and wont fall out of place. Undo the pony tail and brush your hair so it blends. Then pull the rest of your hair back into place over the wire and original pony tail blending it in as well!


To style your hair you can use heat or other methods you would use on your real hair. So you can braid it, pin curls, rag curls or any other styling method in your arsenal for your regular hair since these are made from 100 percent real human hair.

To wash your hair extensions brush them with the sono brush, its designed to brush and untangle the hair with out breaking them. Then was with a sulfate free, non sudsing shampoo and conditoiner. If you are storing your hair more than a week or so, use a deep conditioning  masque like what you woud use on your hair to keep them nice and soft!

Directly from Sono Hair Extensions!


    Good question. Here at Sono, we have a ton of resources for people looking to learn about removable hair extensions. Try visiting our Quality page to read up on what sets our hair apart from the rest, or check out our product pages to scope out which method may be right for you. While you’re at it, watch a couple of tutorial videos, because they’re genuine founts of information, and check in to our social media profiles to catch a word or two from our followers. Anywhere you turn, you’re sure to find something good.
    Each package of Sono hair extensions contains between 105 and 165 grams of hair, depending on the length and thickness selected. The average amount of hair per package equals 145 grams, enough to rival any head of natural hair!
    That depends on you, your natural hair color, and the look that you’re going for. Selecting the right extension color from a computer screen can be tough. That’s why we’ve created a color selection video, a descriptive color page, and even a color quiz to help you out. We’ll also include a sample strand in each package of hair you order, so you can examine the hair, compare it to your own, or even test out dye colors without taking the product out of the box. That means that, if things don’t work out, you can still return it! F.Y.I.: if you are coloring your extensions, we recommend that you stay within two shades of the original hair color, only depositing (never lifting!) color.
    It depends on your preferences, mostly. Since all of our extensions are removable and easy on the hair, your particular hair type or texture won’t really affect your experience with the extensions—unless it is exceptionally thin and fine. People with very thin, fine hair who experience discomfort with hair clips or any other pressure applied to the scalp may prefer the Sono Solo, as it rests on the head without pulling on strands. Other individuals can rely solely on their own judgment. Looking for a pop of color or a single accent? Try Sono’s accessories. Do you want complete control of your hair’s dispersal? Pick Clip-Ins. Are you interested in effortless application? Go Solo. Etcetera. Need some more help? Try this quiz.
    No. Sono’s extensions are all designed for repeated, temporary use. That means that they cause relatively little strain to your hair. As long as you install and remove them correctly and carefully, your natural hair should be in tip-top shape, before and after.
    The same things you can do with your own hair, for the most part. You can style your extensions with heating tools (remember to use a heat protectant), creams and serums, and hairspray. As long as you clean and clarify the hair every once in a while to prevent buildup, your extensions should last a long time. Just don’t sleep in them, as the friction between your pillow and your hair extensions can cause matting and premature wear.
    Yes! Sono sells a high quality wet brush for this very purpose. And it’s affordable! It’s a necessity for anyone with extensions because it’s gentle on both the extensions and the natural hair. Remember to hold your hair at the roots while brushing in a downward motion, working from the tips to the scalp.
    Yes! We recommend using a semi or demi-permanent hair color, depositing color, but never lifting it. Try to keep it within two shades of the hair’s original color, and always do a strand test, first. Otherwise you might wind up with an unwelcome surprise.
    Keep in mind, we are unable to refund or replace hair extensions that have been removed from their packaging, colored, or altered in any way. Should you want to test out a color, use the sample strand!
    Great question! We’ve created a video demonstrating just how to go about washing your Sono extensions. You can find it here. But, to paraphrase: wash your Sono extensions in lukewarm water, working the shampoo into the hair with your hands. Avoid getting any product near the weft, where the extensions are sewn together, as this can cause buildup and/or shedding. Apply a professional quality conditioner and allow it to be absorbed into the hair, then rinse with cold, cold water. Lay the hair out on a towel to dry, patting it with a second towel from the tips to the hair closest to the weft. Let the hair air dry while brushing it with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. We recommend that you wash your extensions as infrequently as possible, or no more than once a week. The less product you use in your hair, the less you will need to wash it!
    Sono offers a specialty hanger designed specifically for storing hair extensions. Find it right here. Store hair only when dry, spritzing a good leave-in conditioner beforehand.
    Sono’s 100% Human hair comes from India, where women go to temples to donate their hair out of respect for their gods. The temples then sell the hair and use the money to improve their communities, funding orphanages, opening schools, and feeding the hungry. Every woman who donates her hair does so of her own free will.
    Once we receive your order, we get to work right away on packing and making arrangements for your shipment. Even so, we recommend that you place your order at least 4 or 5 business days before your desired delivery date. That way you’ll provide sufficient time for the carrier to complete the pickup and delivery process.
    The exact shipping times will depend on which shipping method you choose, when you place your order, and where you live. For more details about shipping,click here.
    We’re sorry things didn’t work out between you and your hair extensions. You can return your extensions within 30 days so long as they have not been used and are still in their original packaging, or if the product has been deemed defective by Sono within 30 days of purchase. There is a 15% restocking fee for returns, though exchanges for warehouse credit are free. To start your exchange or return, call customer service at 1-888-236-0552, Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST.
    We cannot exchange hair after 30 days of purchase, especially hair that has been used. You’re always welcome to purchase a longer set of extensions, but we cannot reimburse, credit, or discount your purchase after 30 days of ownership and use. Keep your eyes open for deals around the site. There are plenty of them, and they may help you save some money on your next set.












November Starlooks Lookbook Shimmering Future.

November Starlooks Lookbook Shimmering Future.

November starlooks2Novembers Look Book is AWESOME it came with a dual eyeshadow pallet called Fourtune 500, a liquid eyeliner called Golden Ticket and a plum lip stick named Opulence.  This certainly is not my normal look at all but I do LOVE it. It pairs amazingly well with my extremely pale skin and dark hair! Due to my normal look its a tad bit gothy on me but none the less it works!

To get this look start by using a good face primer this sets the entire thing due to the glitter and shimmer! Also make sure to exfoliate your lips it will show if you dont!



Next I suggest applying eyeshadow glitter glue to your eyelids. The eyeshadow in ths kit is particularly sparkly and it could be difficult to get deep shades  out of it otherwise. After the glue is tacky apply the lighter gold shade over your entire eyelid up to your brow bone. Then use the darker shade in the outer crease of your eyelid creating a sideways V shape this will open up your eyes alot. While your blending apply a small ammount of white shimmer to your inner corners and under your brow bone blendign in with the light gold shade you previously placed. November starlooks3


For the black part of the liner you need both a pencil AND liquid black. Start with a simple cat eye using the pencil. Then use the gold  on top of the black on top the line. And redraw the cat eye as close to the orginal line as possible. Going back over the black to smooth out the line from the gold to black fill in over the pencil.

November Starlooks1 Read more

Nautica Life Review

Nautica Life Review

nauticaWe got an AWESOME gift set from Nautica! Their new Nautica Life cologne with matching shower gel and after shave. This scent is Ivory Coast Ginger, Sea Sale, and Mandarin. This scent is also very woodsy and  extremely masculine but with undertones of lavender, violet, and sage it appeals to woman as well. I made my boyfriend be the tester and he got lots of compliments on it while he was at work.

As the day goes on the scent gets more blended and creates a unique scent that is second to none.  This cologne embodies the essence of what Nautica scents are. This scent gives a zest on how you appeal to the senses of everyone you meet. Thus is why its called Nautica Life.

The shower gel is the same scent as the cologne and leaves you moisturized and smelling great straight out of the shower. The After Shave is also the same scent. It leaves your skin silky smooth after shaving and helps prevent your skin from drying out, similar to lip balm but for your face!


Founded in 1983, Nautica is a leading water-inspired global lifestyle brand including men’s, women’s and children’s apparel and accessories and a complete home collection. Nautica products are classics that are rich in performance, color and authentic style.

At Nautica we celebrate, love and respect the water, everywhere, everyday.  Our nautical heritage and spirit is reflected in every aspect of our brand categories and our quality products are crafted with integrity and are enhanced with performance capabilities.

Over the past three decades, Nautica has become one of the most important and most recognized American brands throughout the world. Today, Nautica is available in more than 75 countries with 265 full price Nautica branded stores and over 3,000 Nautica branded shop-in-shops worldwide.

SOL Alpaca Scarf Review

SOL Alpaca Scarf Review

12096093_992793430777458_2160275740470382946_nWe got this beautiful scarf from SOL Alpaca Scarf! Its a triangle scarf in pink and lime plaid with pom poms! This scarf is amazingly soft and with a light weight weave makes it perfect  to be worn all year round. This scarf is made from baby alpaca fur and is hand woven in Peru. Sol Alpaca introduced itself to the world in 2004 and the garments from this company are made from the finest fibers  of the Andes, Alapaca and Vicuna. The scarfs and garments are designed by the renowned Peruvian designer Fariba Heydari. Who is constantly inspired by the cultures of the Andes  and pulls her inspiration from the natives who inhabit the area. Her mission is to create unique pieces that are still mainstream enough to sell in the commercial fashion market.Which is exactly what she did with this beautiful scarf.


Peru is a land of enormous mountains, golden desserts, and a mix of warm valleys. Creating multiple environments in which Alpaca and Vicuna can be raised to ensure a wide variety of different fiber types from the same types of animals. Peru has inherited many traditions over its long history including those that allow for unparalleled textile weaving techniques encompassing sophisticated artistic ideas.


Vicuna are the smallest of the South American camelids, with golden hair which was reserved exclusively for Inca royals, and was considered the finest of animal fibers in the world. This beautiful animal was on the verge of extinction but now there are now in South America 80% of which are in Peru.


Alpaca are considered the most important animals in the Andeas due to their thermal properties and extreme softness. The fibers are sorted using the traditional methods of doing it by hand.  This method ensures that the large range of natural colors and grades are sorted appropriately.

In 2014-2015 the exclusive collection was developed under the concept “Echoes from the past, Colors from the present.”  Which is what our beautiful scarf was designed for. This scarf is exceptionally warm and is from their Handmade Line.

Information Directly from Sol Alpaca:

Our Commitment

Heirs of a rich and millenary culture, we believe in, and have a firm commitment to, our nation’s development based on a diverse but united society, proud of its traditions and cultural identity. We would like to share with you our passion for our cultural tradition which drives us in our search for excellence when developing our social projects.

Wawakuna Awanku – (Children Weaving)

It is our commitment to revive our traditional cultural identity by promoting the art of weaving in schoolchildren from the rural and urban communities in the highlands. In order to achieve this, we have invited expert professionals in the field of spinning, weaving and design as well as commercial and marketing professionals to provide the children with knowledge and experience in basic business practices, promoting the confection of quality handmade products.

Mirasol Project

The Mirasol project started in 2006 as a joint initiative with clients close to our company with the aim of improving the living conditions of disadvantaged children in the highlands of the Peruvian Andes, especially the impoverished children of Alpaca shepherds. Mirasol helps them gain access to proper education and health. This is achieved by investing a percentage of yarn sales in the establishment and operation of a school-home. We are proud of the fact that this project is now a reality




Zotos Professional 180 Pro Hair care Review

Zotos Professional 180 Pro Hair care Review

12219383_988052707918197_3983457157161443336_n So we all know that I am pretty much well known for having very thick VERY long hair. Like it usually goes to my bum(I just cut it a month ago totally regret it!) and I am lucky to find hair ties that go around three times. My daughter on the other hand has very thick extra wavy and curly mixed  hair hat goes to her shoulder blades in ringlets! So we got two AWESOME kits, One is the Smooth and Soft Recovery Discovery kit. The other is the Moisture Repair Discovery Kit. 12190853_10208212318490211_1244409724478312164_n

On my hair since its VERY straight naturally I used the smooth and soft kit. Since my hair is so long the blow drying step took a bit but it was totally worth the results. My hair is MUCH softer than it was before and I process it ALOT to keep up the black to blue ombre look. The day I washed my hair it barely tangled or knotted at all which considering my hair and its normal behavior is amazing.


11707377_923024771087658_2337494734212077386_nOn my daughters hair since its a thick  with a lot of wave closer to her scalp and large curls at the end I used the Moisture kit. Curly hair evidently is a moisture suck which made this kit perfect for her. It gave her curls ALOT of definition which is awesome and once her hair settled down from blow drying(it got a little big) it was perfectly soft and everyone complimented her on it all day.




The power of science is undisputed. It’s behind some of the most life-changing discoveries in the history of mankind. So just imagine what can happen when that transformative power is harnessed for hair care.

We did, starting in 1929. That’s when Zotos Professional introduced our first revolutionary innovation, straight from the mind of a scientist: the machine-less permanent wave. Without clumsy, time-consuming machines, operators were free to achieve new levels of creativity, and the modern-day hairdresser was born. We followed this breakthrough with many more trailblazing discoveries for styling professionals over the years – and we never stopped.

Once you become known as an industry pioneer (a terms that doesn’t get thrown around lightly), you have a certain standard to uphold, and we make sure we do just that. Our team of scientists is dedicated to conducting the research necessary for real innovation, adopting cutting-edge technologies and sourcing the finest ingredients. We test our formulas exhaustively so we can back them up with proven claims. We produce everything at one of the greenest manufacturing plants in the industry. And, we offer these effective, high-performance salon products at an unbeatable value, too.

Of course, while we’re serious about science, what really fuels our passion is the knowledge that you’ll feel confident and in control every time you use a Zotos Professional product in the salon or at home. We empower you to bring the styles you and your clients envision to life, from classic looks to bold, trendy creations. We’re committed to making it simple and foolproof to get gorgeous, professional results. In fact, it’s our promise.

Though our brand is driven by some of the most visionary scientists and professionals in the industry, we never forget that it’s all about real stylists and their clients, and we never stop focusing on our goal: using science to make astonishing beauty transformations possible every single day.

Zotos Professional: Real solutions. Remarkable results.

– See more at:

Starlooks November Look Book Utopia

Starlooks November Look Book Utopia

starlooks 1So this months look book is called Utopia its a nude color set that works amazingly well on a lot of skin tones it seems! I tried it on my mom who has VERY fair skin and my sister as well who has peach skin that she tans.  This look book came with a base in concrete, a blush in Abstract, and a lip gloss in Ideal. To get the look in my pictures follow the steps below!

To start off with use a dewy moisturizer and concealer to give your face a natural look while hiding flaws.

Then use the cream base on your entire eye lid to the crease and while its setting use 3 dabs of the cream blush JUST on the apple of your cheeks.

Once the Cream base is dry use a pencil eyeliner or a gel liner and make a winged cat eye that’s thinner at the outer cornerstarlooks 2 and much thicker on the outside (Think Twiggy!!!)

Then apply Mascara and eyelashes.

For the lips I like to line in a pencil first to help the lip gloss set better, for everyone this might not be a nessicairy step but with me lip products tend to feather without liner. Then you liberally apply the lip gloss!

All of these products produce a natural soft look if you choose to use them that way or could be used to create a more modern graphic look, it really all just depends on your style! Comment below with how you have used the October lookbook!