Starlooks Look Book Revival October Review

Starlooks Look Book Revival October Review

So this months look book is AWESOME it came with an eyeshadow pallet in Agave, a mascara in Flora, and a lipstick in Rawr. The Aguave eyeshadow pallet is burgendy and an olive green color that are matte, when applied they blend together really easily to create a bold eye thats accented well by the mascara in Flora which is a teal color. The lipstick is also a very bold shade of hot pink, its name RAwr works well with it because its so bold.

To acheive the look I have in the pictures you first need to scrub your face with an exfolliant because other than your eyes and lips you are pretty barefaced.

Then apply a tinted moisturizer that is one shade lighter than your normal skin tone. You want your skins natural flush to show since using blush or high lighter will clash with the eyeshadow and lipstick.

Then apply translucent powder heavily under your eyes to prevent eyeshadow fall out from getting on you’re under eyes. Prime your eyes with this primer to make sure your eyeshadow stays on nice and pigminted with out creasing.

From there apply the green aguave to the lid of your eyes to just into the crease. Then apply the burgendy to the outer crease of your eye only to make your eyes appear larger.

Using black liquid eye liner create a winged cat eye thats thicker at the outer eye.

Apply the mascara that came in the kit to your eyelashes. Then apply thick false lashes and another few coats of mascara to blend it all together.
Dust off the excess translucent powder.

Fill your brows in lightly to keep the bold look going.

Next prime your lips to make sure the lipstick stays on all day. Then line it in a lip liner in a cordinating shade. I used Riberry then fill your lips in with the lipstick RAWR from the kit!

Starlooks September Review, Look Book Resort Edition 2015.

Starlooks September Review, Look Book Resort Edition 2015.

Septembers look book is the resort edition. It came with a creamy aqua eye shadow, a lipstick in Jet Set orange, and an highlighter blush due in Ritz and Tropic.

For my base I used a primer and then my favorite foundation, after exfoliating my face and lips. Using a concealer a few shades darker I contoured my nose, under my chin, under my lip and cheekbones.

My eyes I used a primer designed for gel or water based foundations. Then used a flat eye shadow brush I applied the aqua eye shadow to my eye lids. To finish them off I used a dark teal eyeliner and created a cat eye and used volumizing mascara .

Using the blush from the compact I applied it lightly to the apples of my cheeks allowing for a light flush of color. Using the same big fluffy brush I put the highlighter along the top of my cheekbones, top of my nose, right under my eyebrows, and lightly on my chin.

On my lips I used a gel lip primer to help fill in any ripples and cracks and to moisturize. Then added the lipstick liberally saturating my lips with color.

All these products go on very well and are highly pigmented so for a more dramatic look you could ma
ke them bolder simply by applying the products heavier. They also all go on extremely well allowing for blending and for use in other applications.

Such as for mermaid makeup you could easily use the gel shadow along your cheek bones lightly for a slight mint color and mix and match the colors in the kit blending them together for a really awesome mermaid color scheme.