Valentine's Day Dinner with Botticelli ~ A Glitter Ball Review

Valentine's Day Dinner with Botticelli ~ A Glitter Ball Review

My husband is of Italian Decent and I wanted to treat him with a taste of Italy, Since I can’t personally take him there , I wanted to bring Italy to him. What other way then to make him a Italian Style dinner and compliment it with fine pasta sauces of Botticelli they use 100% Italian tomatoes of the highest quality, and produce their pasta sauces from scratch in small batches, mixing in their special blend of spices and all natural ingredients to ensure a rich, homemade flavor. Made with ingredients that can be pronounced and know what each of them are,Their Delicioso Sauces are Marinara, Tomato Basil, Alla Vodka and Vegan-friendly Bolognese Sauce. For tonight’s Valentine Dinner we chose The Vegan -Friendly Bolognese to compliment our Ravioli. My husband was quite pleased how the sauce almost tasted like what he had as a kid, I was a happy wife to hear that and too complete the meal I made him a homemade Cheesecake. Nothing beats a home cooked meal and the smiles on the faces of your family .
Botticelli makes other fine products which include Olive Oils, Vinegars
Pastas and Red Peppers



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Snikiddy Snack ~ A Glitter Ball Life Style Review

Snikiddy Snack ~ A Glitter Ball Life Style Review

In Searching for healthier snack options I came across Snikiddy A Great product with a funny sounding name, Yes saying Snikiddy over and over sounds funny, But these deliciously good for you snacks are no joke, and We were graciously gifted to test and review them , Danielle my 10 year old The official snack taster of the house could not get enough of these, once the bag of Mac -N -Cheese Puffs were open she did not want to close them and savor them for another day, She even requested that we buy these so she could take them to school for her afternoon snack. That is saying a lot since she is my most picky eater out of the 3 kids. They are made with simple ingredients and no trans-fat , gluten free and no GMO’s , Just because they don’t have what you would normally find in other similar products does not mean it loses flavor or taste. As a Mom I would prefer for my kids to eat more healthier options and I encourage it , These are a delicious snack that I would not mind for them to eat on a daily basis.

My oldest daughter tried the Eat Your Vegetables, these amazing chip combines so much vegetable goodness that is was an unexpected surprise, just the right amount of flavor and the taste was out of this world , low in sodium and ingredients that you can pronounce and know what they are without having to look up the definition in a dictionary

I did a blind taste test with my son ( yes he trusts me very much) with the Baked Grilled Cheese Puffs the moment he put one in his mouth he uncovered his eyes and had to know what they were, at first I thought he might of not liked them but did he ever, He wanted to eat more

So in conclusion these were a Big hit in my home and yes they are going on our preferred snack list and will be purchased in the very near future

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Sweet on Valentine Edition Peeps * A Glitter Ball Review*

Sweet on Valentine Edition Peeps * A Glitter Ball Review*

Glitter Ball Life Style was so graciously gifted with Valentine Edition Peeps. I love confectionery sweets and once I open the package well you can say that it may never close, This is what happened when I opened the package of the Vanilla Creme The scentsational smell was just tickling at my nose and gave me the sensation of being inside a bakery of fresh baked cupcakes with creamy vanilla frosting and this is also how they taste when popped in to your mouth, yes they are just that good. Next came the newest edition to the Peeps family and oh my gosh get your taste buds in gear for Milk Chocolate Covered Raspberry Flavored Marshmallow Have you ever had a Raspberry Pie or Sweet Raspberry Jam ? Well this comes very close to tasting like that and it is so good I could of ate more than one and the Marshmallow inside is whipped more than it is fluffy which gave this delectable little dessert a smooth creamy taste combined with Raspberry and Chocolate, you could almost taste it when you first open the package. Same goes for the Strawberry Creme You get a rush of strawberry scented goodness. Peeps Valentine goodies are the perfect treat for your sweetie. and you also can enjoy other flavors through out the year.


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Perugina Baci Chocolate Review

Perugina Baci Chocolate Review

What Do you get when you combine Hazelnut with Chocolate? A slice of heaven that comes with a little Love Notes. We were given a much honored chance to try out this delectable smooth dark chocolate so aptly named Baci. One little taste in your mouth and you can feel the goodness warm your heart and melt in your mouth. Great combination of Hazelnut pieces swirled with chocolate around a whole Hazelnut. My family are huge chocolate lovers and when this arrived we could not wait to indulge and we were not disappointed in the least. Easy to become addicted to these they have just the right amount of sweetness . They were a huge hit in my house and would make a wonder gift for any one for Valentines Day or Any day of the year.The package is pleasing and the chocolates are elegantly wrapped. Comes is Flavors of Dark, Milk and White Chocolates. Very pleasing on the palate like a little bit of Italy in each bite.

About them ~In 1907, a tiny workshop in Central Perugia was busy making sugared almonds. But that tiny workshop became bigger than its four walls when Perugina’s founders, Giovanni Buitoni and Luisa Spagnoli, made a chocolate confection that could only have been conjured up by two star-crossed lovers.
On Valentine’s Day in 1922, inspired by pure passion, Perugina co-founder Luisa Spagnoli created a confection as grand as her love for a special someone and around each confection she would wrap a love note. Although originally named “Cazzotto” (Italian for fist or punch) due to it’s irregular shape, the name of the chocolates was later changed to Baci, the Italian word for kisses. Luisa realized the confection was too good to keep secret, and soon Baci became a favorite among the young lovers browsing the Perugina sweetshop. Nearly 100 years later, Baci are still exclusively produced in Perugia, Italy. The recipe is unchanged: silky dark chocolate envelopes a heart of gianduia (a luscious blend of chocolate and hazelnut cream) dotted with more chopped hazelnuts and gloriously crowned with a whole hazelnut. Each Bacio remains hugged by a note that reflects sentiments of love, affection and friendship.

From the Perugina Rossana with its unmistakable filling of exquisite rum, almond, and milk-flavored cream, to the renowned dark chocolate Luisa bar, and, the latest labor of love, the Double Layer Baci Perugina Bar, Perugina transformed Perugia into the “Land of Chocolate.Continue Reading …

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18 Rabbits Granola Bars and Justins Nut Butters ~ Review

18 Rabbits Granola Bars and Justins Nut Butters ~ Review

menu-logoGranola Bars, Let me tell you about these amazing granola bars from 18 Rabbits .com, My son loves Granola bars and I encourage him to eat them, My only concern is the ingredients I don’t want him filling up on un-natural or loading up on too much sugar, Well With these particular granola bars, I don’t have to worry what he puts in his body . His favorite out of all the flavors were the Cherry , Dark Chocolate and Almond and it is made with wholesome goodness and I can pronounce each individual ingredient * (WHOLE ROLLED OATS*, UNSWEETENED COCONUT*, MAPLE SYRUP*, ALMONDS*, BUTTER*, SUNFLOWER OIL*, HONEY*, PECANS*, PUMPKIN SEEDS*, SESAME SEEDS*), TAPIOCA SYRUP*, CHERRIES, DARK CHOCOLATE* (CANE SUGAR*, COCOA PASTE*, COCOA BUTTER*, SOY LECITHIN, VANILLA EXTRACT*), CRANBERRIES* (WITH APPLE JUICE*, SUNFLOWER OIL*), OAT SYRUP SOLIDS* (WITH VITAMIN E), *CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENT. MAY CONTAIN PIT FRAGMENTS. ALLERGENS: CONTAINS TREE NUTS (COCONUT, ALMONDS, PECANS), MILK, SOY AND TRACES OF WHEAT AND OTHER TREE NUTS (HAZELNUTS, WALNUTS).* I cant say that with other granola bars that he has tried or ones that we have bought in the past , He loves these and wanted to take one each day to school for a mid afternoon snack. I felt good knowing that he has a wholesome snack to take with him and not something that you can normally find in a vending machine. I even gave them a taste test and was pleasantly pleased on how well they tasted. and that says a lot because I’m picky about anything with the word granola in them. But oh my I might just have to purchase more of these since they were such a hit in my household. There are other great flavors to choose from I’m sure you will find one that gives your taste buds a treat .
Also 18 Rabbits Donates 1% of their granola and bars they make to programs and partners that serve kids affected by food insecurity. Read more about it here


Almond Butter~ I have heard of Almond Milk and I have eaten Almonds before
but I was not familiar with Almond Butter, I was not even sure what to put it on at first, So I toasted a plain bagel and I normally but Peanut Butter on it, But for a switch up I put on Almond Butter and wow!! I could not believe what I was tasting , so smooth and creamy and very distinct taste that sent my taste buds to some other dimension but Justins Almond Butter comes in great flavors such as Honey Almond, and for the Chocolate lovers Chocolate Almond

Now I’ve saved one of the best for last and those are the Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups they come in White, Milk and Dark Chocolate, Now my husband is a brand name snob, I was sitting next to him eating the Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups and he snatched it right and of my hands and put it in his mouth, I looked at him all smug and he actually wanted more. So needless to say I did not get to eat the other half. That really says something if he enjoyed them,.. very creamy melt in your mouth tasty, delicious , these are just a few words to describe these, I could continue but I would like you to experience these for your self

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Nick's Sticks None of the Garbage , All the Goodness #Made in the USA !!

Nick's Sticks None of the Garbage , All the Goodness #Made in the USA !!

Glitter Ball was given the privilege to test and review Nicks Sticks We were surprised on how yummy they are, We have had meat sticks before but let me tell you that these are not only good for you but delicious too and best of all they are made in the USA!!, We tried their 4 delicious flavors Turkey , Spicy Turkey ,Beef and Spicy Beef My Favorite was the Spicy Beef and the kids loved the Spicy Turkey and The Spicy Beef, The combination of the flavors were Yummy yummy! Even my picky eater tried and loved them she really swooned over the Beef Flavor, And what makes this company so great is that the fact that these are not laden with chemicals! No MSG. No Nitrates. No Antibiotics. No Hormones. No Sugar. No Red Dye. No Gluten. FYI They ALSO donate regular to their local food bank! We love places that take pride in and give back to their communities! and speaking of giving back to the community , When we contacted Andrea who works at Wallace Farms home of Nicks Sticks nicks-sticks-logo
We mentioned to her that we also love to give back to our community For the past 11 years we have given our Local Fire station a basket full of wholesome goodies and yummy treats , So along with our items sent for review we were also sent plenty extra to share with them . It is great to know that this company is so generous and love to help other communities ., Now you know how generous they are . Their tasty sticks are made with ingredients that equaled a healthy and tasty snack! Here is whats in the Beef Sticks: Ingredients: beef, water, Redmond Seasoned Salt (sea salt, onion, coriander, mustard, black pepper, paprika, celery seed, turmeric and parsley), lactic acid (derived from non-GMO beets), celery juice
We love them and so will you, Find them Online


About Them Nick’s Sticks is named for our founding farmer and visionary Nick Wallace. It’s his vision, passion, and hard work that brings our high-quality grass-fed beef and free-range turkey snack sticks straight from our family farm in Keystone, Iowa, to your home.

Raised in a small Iowa community, Nick graduated from the University of Iowa before tackling a year of culinary training. In 1998, he added “cancer survivor” to his long list of accomplishments. His battle against lymphoma sparked his interest in natural foods and led him to become a founding member of Wallace Farms. Nick is a true pioneer within the grass-fed beef and nutrient-dense food movements and is passionate about producing only the highest-quality food products.

Nick and his cattle thrive on grass, sunshine, and free-range living. This is the whole philosophy behind Nick’s Sticks—a straightforward, uncomplicated food that nourishes your body and soul.

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Crispy Green ~Crispy Fruit Review

Crispy Green ~Crispy Fruit Review

Are you seeking an all natural , no sugar added and gluten free snack ? Well I have been given the opportunity to test and review a wonderfully delightful snack that is great for on the go or to be put in an emergency kit ( for those that live in areas of Hurricanes and Tornadoes ) These tasty snacks are called Crispy Fruit. I bet you are wondering what these are, well they are %100 Freeze -Dried Fruit snacks , That come in a variety of Flavors . Asian Pear, Apple, Banana, Cantaloupe, Mango and Pineapple. You will want to pop a piece in your mouth and savor it as the flavor of the fruit teases your taste-buds. I have a picky eater and even she tried them and really enjoyed the flavor of the Apple and the Banana which really says something , Like I said she is a picky eater .
How this all works is They have a sophisticated freeze-drying process that removes water from Fresh Sweet Fruit leaving behind the Fruit’s true essence and creates a light and crispy texture.

They are Peanut/Tree nut Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan Friendly and Kosher, What more could you ask for from a snack ? I truly enjoyed these and I think you and your family would too.
To find out more about them and to view their products visit them at Crispy Green .com

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Happy Thanksgiving to all Glitter Ball Friends and Family

Happy Thanksgiving to all Glitter Ball Friends and Family

We would like to wish all of you a very Blessed Thanksgiving to all, and please keep our troops in your thoughts today. Any one going shopping ? If so what deals are you after.

Enjoy your Meal and Football , We are having Turkey, Mash Potatoes , Cranberry Flush, Stuffing and lots of snacks .It is just the 5 of us ( Hubby , Kidlets and I) and it is a breezy 61 here in Spring Hill, Florida.

Happy Thanksgiving Glitter Ball Family

Happy Tuesday Glitter Ball Friends & Family

Happy Tuesday Glitter Ball Friends & Family

It is a soaking wet day here in Spring Hill, Florida and that is putting it mildly. My youngest has a bad sinus infection , I got 90% of my Thanksgiving shopping done all that is left is to pick up some pies and then wooo hoo I’m done. Then it is time to start planning for Christmas Dinner. We will probably order some Baked Ziti and Awesome Garlic Bread from our Favorite Italian Restaurant. I can smell it already. Well Wishing you all a Blessed Day. Grab your beverage choice and seize the day ~ Laura