November Starlooks Lookbook Shimmering Future.

November Starlooks Lookbook Shimmering Future.

November starlooks2Novembers Look Book is AWESOME it came with a dual eyeshadow pallet called Fourtune 500, a liquid eyeliner called Golden Ticket and a plum lip stick named Opulence.  This certainly is not my normal look at all but I do LOVE it. It pairs amazingly well with my extremely pale skin and dark hair! Due to my normal look its a tad bit gothy on me but none the less it works!

To get this look start by using a good face primer this sets the entire thing due to the glitter and shimmer! Also make sure to exfoliate your lips it will show if you dont!



Next I suggest applying eyeshadow glitter glue to your eyelids. The eyeshadow in ths kit is particularly sparkly and it could be difficult to get deep shades  out of it otherwise. After the glue is tacky apply the lighter gold shade over your entire eyelid up to your brow bone. Then use the darker shade in the outer crease of your eyelid creating a sideways V shape this will open up your eyes alot. While your blending apply a small ammount of white shimmer to your inner corners and under your brow bone blendign in with the light gold shade you previously placed. November starlooks3


For the black part of the liner you need both a pencil AND liquid black. Start with a simple cat eye using the pencil. Then use the gold  on top of the black on top the line. And redraw the cat eye as close to the orginal line as possible. Going back over the black to smooth out the line from the gold to black fill in over the pencil.

November Starlooks1

For your lips you will definately want to line this bold color out. I used black lip liner for this. If you have thinner lips this would be the oppertune time to slightly over line your lips. Fill it in with a few thick layers of the dark plum lipstick.  Once this is dry a bit use a large fluffy eyeshadow brush and apply the darker shade of eye shadow lightly ontop creating galaxy star lips! Then your look is done!

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