SOL Alpaca Scarf Review

SOL Alpaca Scarf Review

12096093_992793430777458_2160275740470382946_nWe got this beautiful scarf from SOL Alpaca Scarf! Its a triangle scarf in pink and lime plaid with pom poms! This scarf is amazingly soft and with a light weight weave makes it perfect  to be worn all year round. This scarf is made from baby alpaca fur and is hand woven in Peru. Sol Alpaca introduced itself to the world in 2004 and the garments from this company are made from the finest fibers  of the Andes, Alapaca and Vicuna. The scarfs and garments are designed by the renowned Peruvian designer Fariba Heydari. Who is constantly inspired by the cultures of the Andes  and pulls her inspiration from the natives who inhabit the area. Her mission is to create unique pieces that are still mainstream enough to sell in the commercial fashion market.Which is exactly what she did with this beautiful scarf.


Peru is a land of enormous mountains, golden desserts, and a mix of warm valleys. Creating multiple environments in which Alpaca and Vicuna can be raised to ensure a wide variety of different fiber types from the same types of animals. Peru has inherited many traditions over its long history including those that allow for unparalleled textile weaving techniques encompassing sophisticated artistic ideas.


Vicuna are the smallest of the South American camelids, with golden hair which was reserved exclusively for Inca royals, and was considered the finest of animal fibers in the world. This beautiful animal was on the verge of extinction but now there are now in South America 80% of which are in Peru.


Alpaca are considered the most important animals in the Andeas due to their thermal properties and extreme softness. The fibers are sorted using the traditional methods of doing it by hand.  This method ensures that the large range of natural colors and grades are sorted appropriately.

In 2014-2015 the exclusive collection was developed under the concept “Echoes from the past, Colors from the present.”  Which is what our beautiful scarf was designed for. This scarf is exceptionally warm and is from their Handmade Line.

Information Directly from Sol Alpaca:

Our Commitment

Heirs of a rich and millenary culture, we believe in, and have a firm commitment to, our nation’s development based on a diverse but united society, proud of its traditions and cultural identity. We would like to share with you our passion for our cultural tradition which drives us in our search for excellence when developing our social projects.

Wawakuna Awanku – (Children Weaving)

It is our commitment to revive our traditional cultural identity by promoting the art of weaving in schoolchildren from the rural and urban communities in the highlands. In order to achieve this, we have invited expert professionals in the field of spinning, weaving and design as well as commercial and marketing professionals to provide the children with knowledge and experience in basic business practices, promoting the confection of quality handmade products.

Mirasol Project

The Mirasol project started in 2006 as a joint initiative with clients close to our company with the aim of improving the living conditions of disadvantaged children in the highlands of the Peruvian Andes, especially the impoverished children of Alpaca shepherds. Mirasol helps them gain access to proper education and health. This is achieved by investing a percentage of yarn sales in the establishment and operation of a school-home. We are proud of the fact that this project is now a reality




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