Zotos Professional 180 Pro Hair care Review

Zotos Professional 180 Pro Hair care Review

12219383_988052707918197_3983457157161443336_n So we all know that I am pretty much well known for having very thick VERY long hair. Like it usually goes to my bum(I just cut it a month ago totally regret it!) and I am lucky to find hair ties that go around three times. My daughter on the other hand has very thick extra wavy and curly mixed  hair hat goes to her shoulder blades in ringlets! So we got two AWESOME kits, One is the Smooth and Soft Recovery Discovery kit. The other is the Moisture Repair Discovery Kit. 12190853_10208212318490211_1244409724478312164_n

On my hair since its VERY straight naturally I used the smooth and soft kit. Since my hair is so long the blow drying step took a bit but it was totally worth the results. My hair is MUCH softer than it was before and I process it ALOT to keep up the black to blue ombre look. The day I washed my hair it barely tangled or knotted at all which considering my hair and its normal behavior is amazing.


11707377_923024771087658_2337494734212077386_nOn my daughters hair since its a thick  with a lot of wave closer to her scalp and large curls at the end I used the Moisture kit. Curly hair evidently is a moisture suck which made this kit perfect for her. It gave her curls ALOT of definition which is awesome and once her hair settled down from blow drying(it got a little big) it was perfectly soft and everyone complimented her on it all day.




The power of science is undisputed. It’s behind some of the most life-changing discoveries in the history of mankind. So just imagine what can happen when that transformative power is harnessed for hair care.

We did, starting in 1929. That’s when Zotos Professional introduced our first revolutionary innovation, straight from the mind of a scientist: the machine-less permanent wave. Without clumsy, time-consuming machines, operators were free to achieve new levels of creativity, and the modern-day hairdresser was born. We followed this breakthrough with many more trailblazing discoveries for styling professionals over the years – and we never stopped.

Once you become known as an industry pioneer (a terms that doesn’t get thrown around lightly), you have a certain standard to uphold, and we make sure we do just that. Our team of scientists is dedicated to conducting the research necessary for real innovation, adopting cutting-edge technologies and sourcing the finest ingredients. We test our formulas exhaustively so we can back them up with proven claims. We produce everything at one of the greenest manufacturing plants in the industry. And, we offer these effective, high-performance salon products at an unbeatable value, too.

Of course, while we’re serious about science, what really fuels our passion is the knowledge that you’ll feel confident and in control every time you use a Zotos Professional product in the salon or at home. We empower you to bring the styles you and your clients envision to life, from classic looks to bold, trendy creations. We’re committed to making it simple and foolproof to get gorgeous, professional results. In fact, it’s our promise.

Though our brand is driven by some of the most visionary scientists and professionals in the industry, we never forget that it’s all about real stylists and their clients, and we never stop focusing on our goal: using science to make astonishing beauty transformations possible every single day.

Zotos Professional: Real solutions. Remarkable results.

– See more at: http://zotosprofessional.com/about-us/#sthash.hyfjSDNj.dpuf

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