Pic's Peanut Butter review.

Pic's Peanut Butter review.

peanut butterWe got a jar of whats probably the best peanut butter EVER. Its low salt, low calories, and higher protien than my dads Jif peanut butter thats supposedly low fat. It also has NO perservatives it is JUST peanuts and salt! No weird ingredients or dyes or fillers.  Anyhooo this peanut butter is AMAZING, it is well worth ordering it from across the globe from New Zealand where the peanuts are grown! These peanuts are not available anywhere else but Argentina! We receives the Original Crunchy which is AMAZING I eat this stuff with a spoon.  They have multiple different kinds of peanut butter available whichim sure are all delishious as well. The Crunch Original has 85 calories per serving with 63 being from fat. There are 7 grams of fat total with 30 miligrams of sodium. There are 1.5 grams of carbs and 3.5 grams of protien per 15 gram serving. In a 13.4 ounce jar there are 50 servings! The peanut butter also comes in a easily recyclable jar that can be reused alot of things even the label on the jar is biodegradable and comes off easily.

Pics About Me:

pblogo1I assume it is your interest in peanut butter, and Pic’s in particular, that has brought you here. You will know if you have eaten Pic’s. There can be no maybes or I think I might haves about it. You try it, you find the jar, look at the label and you commit it to memory. So, if you haven’t tried it, click HERE to get yourself a jar before you read on.

There are up to two ingredients in our peanut butter. Peanuts, and sea salt. You always get the peanuts, the salt you get if your jar doesn’t say NO SALT. The NO SALT appears on the front panel in white. Soon the no salt jars will have a tasteful white band around the edge of the lid, which will help prevent you buying the wrong one. I myself like a bit of salt – I feel it keeps my arteries from going floppy. Not that we add a lot of salt –  Pic’s typically contains about half as much as the ordinary stuff.

fido1If you are buying Pic’s for a friend, get them the salted one unless you know something about them that I don’t or hold strong beliefs about what’s good for others and a salt aversion.

While on the subject of what’s good for others, buy your friends Pic’s crunchy. We do make a smooth, but it’s not the one you want. Pic’s crunchy is the one. It is not like other crunchies, which tend to be smooth peanut butter with lumps. Our crunchy is a mouth filling textural adventure, thousands of peanut  pieces, from the size of the finest grains of sand to bits as big as a grain of rice. It will give your tonsils a playful tickle on the way down, making it as essential an early morning pick me up as a cup of coffee.

I guess you will be wanting to know what makes Pic’s so damned good. This hasn’t been easy to figure out but I think  I’m finally getting there:

In 2007, when I was looking to buy peanuts by the sack, I came across Greg Bain’s web site for his company, premium nut brokers. We struck a deal and Greg sent us a couple of 25 kilo bags of blanched Australian peanuts.

mixerAt the time we thought a peanut was just a peanut and our clever roasting was what made the difference, but we soon discovered otherwise.  As we learned more about peanuts, we found that our Australian nuts were a hioleic variety, which had some pretty special characteristics, beyond being, as the name suggests, a bit oilier than ordinary nuts.

The best of these, in my view, is that they don’t seem to oxidise – they never go rancid in the way that ordinary peanuts do. Some other peanut butters,  including most of the organic peanut butter sold in New Zealand – will be rancid before you buy them. Initially their rancidity comes through as a vaguely metallic aftertaste, but it can sometimes give the peanut butter a really nasty musty smell that no amount of sugar can disguise.

Hi oleic nuts other feature is their enhanced nutritional value. You probably already know that peanuts are a bit of a super food, full of life enhancing polyunsaturated oils antioxidants and a thing called resveratrol see HERE to learn more

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