Katy Perry Mad Potion Gift Set Review!

Katy Perry Mad Potion Gift Set Review!

Katy Perry isn’t a new to frangrences with three previous parfumes she has released and this being her fourth, and a fifth on the way. I gotta say I LOVE Mad Potion. This a vanilla parfum with orchid, peony, and apple musk. Some underlying scents are vanilla bourbon and jasmine petals! This scent is alot like Pink Sugar (AKA the girliest parfum probably ever made). We also got the shower gel and lotion as this was a gift set. Using all three together the scent definately lasts all day. Which if your like me and you go out for hours at a time is an awesome thing. The bottle the parfume came is in also super adorable. Its a round frosted glass parfume bottle with a sparkly topper, slightly reminicent of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, the shower gel and lotion both came in cute cordinating tubes as well!


I will say this scent probably isnt for everyone, especially those of you who prefer more soapy or clean smelling scents versus super sweet or fruity. The cordinating bath gel and lotion also carry the same sweet scent.   Whenever I wear this out I get alot of compliments which is always nice. Especially considering how small my group of friends is! This scent is awesome for just going out wtih your friends or even a date night if you are particularly girly. F


Official Scent list from http://www.katyperryfragrances.com/

Mad Potion is rich with deliciously seductive vanillas from around the world. The duo of glowing amber and jasmine petals provide a twist of mysterious and playful fun.

Tahitian Vanilla Orchid, Fresh & Crisp Apple Musk, Sweet White Peony


Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, Soft & Whipped Fluffy Musk, Luminous Jasmine Petals


Mexican Vanilla Bean Absolute, Magical Musk, Glowing Amber

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