Vera Wang Embrace Gift Set Review!

Vera Wang Embrace Gift Set Review!

vera 4So we got these amazing gift sets from Vera Wang!! She sent ALL three of the new Vera Wang Embrace sets PLUS the extras to go with them!!  Even Bellamie was crazy excited because we got parfume and one was pink. Each color has its own scent there is a pink one which is Rose and Vanilla, a green which is Green Tea and Pear Blossom, and blue which is Periwinkle and Iris scented. Each one is amazing and would work well for a variety of events. All three came in the same modern packaging and square bottle shape with a linen front tag. Its pretty easy to tell them all apart simply by looking at the colors of the parfum.vera 2

The pink one which is rose and vanilla has undertones such as mandarin, magnolia and vanilla. You can also smell hints of sandalwood, musk and iris. Giving this delightful scent a sweet romantic smell, all while maintaining a crisp smell, perfect for a date night.Being a fan of sweeter scents this was my personal favorite.

vera 1The green one which is green tea and pear blossom has undertones of Freesia, Peony, and Orange Blossom along with undertones of skin musk and sandalwood. This scent is a more clean soapy sort of scent that works well during the day time casual events. My moms preffered scent out of this set was this one!

The blue  one  Periwinkle and Iris scented had undertones of bergamot, mandarin vera 3orange, violet, jasmine,base vanilla, benzoin, whipped cream and sugar. This crisp clean scent is perfect for woman who prefer more subdued scents for day or night.

About Vera Wang:

A Vera Wang creation is to the bridal industry what Jaguar is to the luxury car market—both are recognized immediately for their elegance and are unrivaled in beauty and distinction. In 1990, Vera Wang began designing wedding gowns in a small boutique in New York City. Less than a decade later, her business had grown into a retail empire worth an estimated $80 million, and had expanded to include not only one-of-a-kind gowns, but bridesmaid dresses, footwear, eveningwear, a signature fragrance, eyewear, and even fine china and crystal. Along the way, the Wang name came to mean top quality and originality. As the most respected name in bridalwear, and a rising star in eveningwear, Vera Wang’s talent lies in her abiding respect for women and their desire to look their best.

Getting Her Start

Vera Wang, a former ballet dancer and ice skater, majored in art history at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York. During college she spent one year abroad, studying at the famed Sorbonne in Paris, where she immersed herself in the country’s culture and soaked up French fashion. After graduation in 1971, Wang was hired at Vogue magazine as an assistant. She quickly impressed her bosses and was named the magazine’s youngest ever fashion editor in 1972, a post she held for the next fifteen years. Wang left Vogue to fulfill a dream: instead of writing about designers, she wanted to be one of them. In 1987, she got her wish when she was appointed a design director at the fashion house of Ralph Lauren (1939-).

In 1989, Wang was planning her wedding to Arthur Becker and was confounded by the lack of bridal gowns for older, more mature brides—she was forty at the time. Everywhere she went, the dresses were overdone with too many frills and lace; nothing she found was simple, elegant, or even remotely sexy. She ended up hiring a dressmaker to create a custom-made gown, which ended up costing $10,000. Despite the cost, Wang was happy with the dress and the wedding went off without a hitch. Her bridal adventures, however, got her thinking. Since she had such a difficult time finding the right dress, she was positive that other women had similar problems. Wang decided to open her own bridal salon, selling dresses from top designers around the world.


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