Taste Trunk Review! Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Taste Trunk Review! Holiday Gift Guide 2015

We received this AWESOME Subscription box from Taste Trunk, and the stuff is AMAZING!! Each item came with recipe cards or recipes on the packaging. Our box included Hawaiian Lava Salt from the San Francisco Salt Company, Napa Valley Raspberry Vinegar, White Truffle Oil, Spiceologist, and Urban Accents Parmesan Mediterranean Veggie Roaster.

We used the recipes it came with to create some AMAZING food and made some of
our own! We uses the Parmesan Mediterranean Veggie Roaster to make this delish backed butternut squash! Even my somewhat picky two-year old would eat it. We also made some amazing homemade mashed potatoes with the Hawaiian Lava Salt. The contrast between the white from the potatoes and the black salt looks great on a plate and would be amazing for holiday parties. We also made Cauliflower Soup with the Truffle oil, it was super yummy! The Truffle oil was made from extra virgin olive and white truffles which were found by truffle pigs what are specially trained to look for them. Pretty much everything in this box is amazing!

They have loads of information here on their website under their FAQ page! Everything from delivery day information to Subscriptions and stock photos you can use if you buy these for your friends and family! They also set up business subscriptions for those of you whom like to give these out as holiday gifts to employees. Under their Kitchen notes tab they have recipes they release with the boxes that are exclusive to them. One in particular that looked super yummy is the Homemade Greek Yogurt which looks super easy to make.

You can also do a build your own box! So you get to choose a theme or a set of items individually for your Taste Trunk! You can also pick items to suit your specific diet such as Vegan foods and gluten free. They even have catagories for organic and kitchen supplies!

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