Holiday Look number 1! Winter Blue! New York Cosmetics Review.

Holiday Look number 1! Winter Blue! New York Cosmetics Review.

So this year on our holiday gift guide we are including holiday makeup looks!!!!

To kick this off I did this awesome Winter Blue makeup look with cosmetics from New York Color!

To achieve this look I first primed my face really well so that the makeup would sit well.

Next I used a foundation made to make skin look dewy and well moisturized and a thick concealer under my eyes to conceal any type of dark circles or acne.

Prime your eyelids VERY well and apply the City Proof 24 hour Waterproof Eyeshadow in East River Romance over your entire lid and and slightly above your crease and fill in so its very bold.

Use the Sparkle Dust in Brilliant Sapphire to the outer corner of your eye in a side ways V shape with a tiny amount under the outer corner of your eye. Use a fluffy brush to blend this in well making sure to keep the V shape. 

Next use Sparkle Dust in Opal Sparkle in your inner corner of your eye and to highlight your brow bone. Blend well.

Use some of the Opal sparkle under your eye as well to blend the Brilliant Sapphire in.

Line your eyes with the Big Bold & Precise Felt Tip Liner in Extra black, to create a dramatic cat eye that is thinner in the inner corner and thicker on the outside.

Apply a few coats of your favorite thick mascara and a nude lip and your ready for an awesome holiday party!

All the cosmetics mentioned above are amazing and blend very well which is why I recommend them! New York Color cosmetics are also widely available and work well with most skin types.  They promote creativity and top of the line cosmetics without an expensive price tag.  The City Proof Eye shadow also has a twisty bottom so no need for a special pencil sharpener! The Sparkle Dust also comes with its own applicator for quick on the go applications!

About New York Color:

The success of NYC New York Color is based on our strong expertise to develop best-in-class make up products with the highest quality standards.


Our color & innovation experts are constantly on the lookout for the trendiest products and colors inspired by the world’s fashion capital, New York.

Beauty Expert:

NYC New York Color has launched a ‘Developed with New York Make up Artists’ program that legitimizes and supports the brand’s mission to deliver variety of innovative, fashionable, cool, qualities make-up products yet budget-friendly that have been developed with the expertise of trendy, young New York City-based makeup artists.

The test panel was comprised of professional makeup artists based out of the New York City area ranging in age between 25 and 35. Each makeup maestro embodies the NYC New York Color brand culture and energy. NYC New York Color believes in living vibrantly in color and style and creating the coolest new products in line with New York City trends.

The program kicked off with NYC New York Color inviting this eclectic group of youthful, fashion-forward professional makeup artists, boasting prestigious experience and clientele, to evaluate NYC New York Color products on themselves and a group of models. They were then asked to provide constructive and professional feedback on the products’ level of expert quality. The testing process was managed by the Coty Testing Institute.

The official “Developed With New York Makeup Artists” stamp of approval sealed on the final products reviewed by the artists. This endorsement reflects the NYC New York Color brand’s true professional grade. The brand believes in nothing feels more New York than NYC New York Color and that is what these makeup artists represent.

Research & Development:

Part of Coty, a leading global beauty company, NYC New York Color benefits from state of the art laboratories and expertise. Each product is developed following strict processes of sourcing, testing, quality check and production.

Each year our products win prizes & awards, celebrating the successful mix of NY style and color, innovation and quality expertise.

All of that defines a brand that lives, breathes and loves the COOL, FASHIONABLE, TRENDY New York.


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