Botticelli Review! Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Botticelli Review! Holiday Gift Guide 2015

At our house we eat ALOT of pasta, like we love pasta.So when we were given the opportunity to review Botticelli again we jumped on it!  They use 100% Italian tomatoes and the highest quality. They produce their pasta sauces from scratch in small batches,using natural ingredients. The sauces and pasta we received have ingredients we can pronounce so nothing funky great for if you need to avoid chemicals or preservatives! The pastas cook extremely well too which means the pasta doesnt get soggy and ruin your great pasta sauces or dishes. In total we received a package of angel hair pasta, a bowtie pasta, their great tomato and basil sauce and olive bruscetta.

For this dish we used their angel hair pasta and the Tomato and Basil sauce we
received. It was absolutely delicious and looks as good as it tasted, so if your finicky about pretty foods and want to impress guests this would definately do so!

For the second dish we made we used their Olive Oils and bow tie pasta to make homemade Roasted butternut bell pepper pasta sauce! The olive oil paired perfectly with the subtle flavors of the herbs and flavors to creat a well balanced meal!
Botticelli makes other fine products which include Olive Oils, vinegar
Pastas and Red Peppers




About Botticelli:


Five generations of experience has made Botticelli Olive Oil a celebration of flavor.

Made from only the finest, ripe olives grown in the sun-drenched, rich soils of the Mediterranean terrain, we offer a wide selection of flavors for all your cooking needs.

We also offer a complete line of Botticelli products to bring you a full, delectable cuisine experience.

From our table to yours, savor the taste of only the highest quality products, and a rich history of tradition and fine cooking. Enjoy!


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