Starbox July review.

Starbox July review.

This month in our Starbox we received an lengthening mascara in black, a lip liner, and an lipgloss. Plus three gift cards!
The lip liner color is called Charm. its a soft muted pink in a matte finish which looks very natrual when on! The lip gloss is Odetta which also looks very flattering when on. The two colors work perfectly together to give you the full lipped look so desired by many! To achieve this look, used a basic lip primer to make sure my lips were smooth then I lined my lips first then filled them in so the color would stick all day then

I lightly dabbed the lip gloss on the center of my lips and gently smudged it out using the brush. From there I went to my eyes which I conditioned using coconut oil to make getting the mascara off later easier and  to make sure that my eyelashes dont break. Using a nude shimmer i applied it just to my lids and lower lashes. Then i curled my eyelashes three times by doing the base, the middle then the ends on each eye. After this I applied  a coat of mascara and re-curled my lash base. Then two more coats of mascara on my outer lashes. starlooks1 FStarlooks

The brows are done by using another Starlooks product from an eyeshadow pallet we have previously reviews and angled brush to fill them in!


The gift cards we got in our box are from We Positive, Torrian, and Nomad Tribe. All of which are brands who are dedicated to saving Earth and spreading positivity through out the globe.

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