Knot Genie ~ A GlitterBall Review

Knot Genie ~ A GlitterBall Review

My youngest daughter was blessed/ cursed (depending who you ask) with the curliest hair and with that comes frustration of keeping it knot and tangle free, We have spent quite a bit of money trying to find the right brush/comb/pick to get through these curls and have had little success even with us adding mousse and or detangler. We have tried combing through her hair with leave in conditioner and while it was still damp. If you have curly hair you know the frustration and the tears . Then I was told about the Knot Genie, Now I had to personally test this out for myself and was hoping that we finally found a brush that would make it through the sea of curls that are so graciously blessed on my child. When it arrived she was hesitant at first and I suggested that she try it out, Oh my what a blessing this Knot Genie is. She actually enjoys combing her hair and has done it several time through out the day. She is ecstatic and happy that it does not tug or pull her hair and she can get right through the tangles with out screaming or crying. I love the fact that she can do this with little or no help from me. We would spend about an hour getting all the knots and tangles out and now with in 15 minutes were done and she can style her hair, This saves me time in the mornings before school and we don’t have to get up a bit early just to fix her hair. We are in love with this brush and wish we would of found it sooner. Read Here on how it works.


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