Valentine's Day Dinner with Botticelli ~ A Glitter Ball Review

Valentine's Day Dinner with Botticelli ~ A Glitter Ball Review

My husband is of Italian Decent and I wanted to treat him with a taste of Italy, Since I can’t personally take him there , I wanted to bring Italy to him. What other way then to make him a Italian Style dinner and compliment it with fine pasta sauces of Botticelli they use 100% Italian tomatoes of the highest quality, and produce their pasta sauces from scratch in small batches, mixing in their special blend of spices and all natural ingredients to ensure a rich, homemade flavor. Made with ingredients that can be pronounced and know what each of them are,Their Delicioso Sauces are Marinara, Tomato Basil, Alla Vodka and Vegan-friendly Bolognese Sauce. For tonight’s Valentine Dinner we chose The Vegan -Friendly Bolognese to compliment our Ravioli. My husband was quite pleased how the sauce almost tasted like what he had as a kid, I was a happy wife to hear that and too complete the meal I made him a homemade Cheesecake. Nothing beats a home cooked meal and the smiles on the faces of your family .
Botticelli makes other fine products which include Olive Oils, Vinegars
Pastas and Red Peppers



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