Carmex Moisture Plus A Glitter Ball Review + Holiday Gift Guide

Carmex Moisture Plus A Glitter Ball Review + Holiday Gift Guide

Each year I get cracked lips combine that with living In Florida where we get almost sunshine throughout the year and you have the makings of sore lips , But there is a solution and I have used Carmex on many occasions to keep my lips soft and supple. They sent me 3 tubes of the new line of moisturizer for your lips. They are all the same in texture, smell, and ingredients only thing different is the pretty designs on them. I like the new improved designs on them, it makes it easier for me search through my purse to find them, since they stand out so much. They have soft moisturizer in them, and lasts for many hours on my lips, I get chapped lips so easily, with the weather here in Florida , This new line brand has helped make my lips softer, smoother, and feeling healthy much longer. The smell, in them is kinda like vanilla cupcake, and does not taste bad. Also if you suffer from very chapped lips, where they crack easily and we all know how awful that feels, when they break or split apart, this line, helps fill in the nooks and crannies with the moisturizer making your lips feel great and not hurting, this product is good for both men and women ,

To learn more about these and their other products here Lip Care Moisture Plus

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