Ciao Bella Gelato Review

Ciao Bella Gelato Review

So we received free Ciao Bella Gelato to try, and I have to say we are in LOVE!  The flavors are all extremely crisp and its a soft gelato so its easy to scoop right out of the containers. The flavors we tried were Barlet Pear Hibiscus, Dark Cocoa, and Alba Hazelnut Caffe.  The barlet pear hibiscus was sweet with tropical undertones, its deep purple color lending itself to the hibiscus syrup that’s used to both sweeten and flavor the ice creams. With a total of 130 calories per serving this is a pretty delicious option that’s not going to ruin your diet or your waistline. The dark cocoa uses . chocolate extract and cocoa liquor as its flavoring and tastes exactly like a dark cocoa bar,with out the extreme sweetness attached, this would go perfectly with a glass of red wine. The dark cocoa has 170 calories  and is dairy free making this also a VEGAN option! This was my favorite flavor out of the ones we tried Alba Hazelnut Caffe, it tastes JUST like a hazel nut cappuccino from your favorite coffee bar and is delishious! I could seriously eat this one all day long if I wasn’t worried about staying in shape! This is an amazing flavor! Though this is the most calorie laden delite at 250 calories per serving. But its so worth EVERY calorie! These gelatos are amazing and well worth every delicious bite you take of them, so go fourth and have a bite or two!

Ciao Bella Gelato


CB_Sorbetto_14oz_Dark Cocoa_HR_v12.05.13

CB_Gelato_14oz_Alba Hazelnut Caffe_HR_v12.05.13

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