Zupers Every day Active wear ~ Review

Zupers Every day Active wear ~ Review

I have a very active 10 year old she loves to go Roller Skating, When ever her school has a Skate night. Needless to say that she is not very stable on a pair of skates and I would not even think about putting her in a pair of Roller Blades, She falls a lot and when she does she hits the ground knees first and by the time the skating session is over her knees are all bruised and we end up putting ice packs on them and with in a day or two they are better. Then I was doing some research and came across a website called Zuper Girls and as I was reading a light went off I had an a-ha moment and contacted them. I talked to Wendy and we agreed on some very stylish Turquoise Leggings for my daughter
They feature removable knee pads, UPF 50+, quick dry fabric, and a super comfy fit. We tested them out on my daughters next Skating event and oh my goodness she loved them, She kept telling me how comfortable they felt and she was happy and pleased that her knees did not hurt at the end of the night. She is happy I’m a Happy Mom and that makes all of us happy. We did receive several compliments on them. Best of all they are made in the USA.!! They do come in other colors and are also perfect for land or water sport including surfing, SUP (stand up paddle board), swimming, soccer, skating, lacrosse, volleyball, dance, gymnastics, and yoga . So if you have an active child check these out and you won’t want to switch to any thing else.

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*Disclaimer * All opinions are %100 Mine and my daughters which may differ from yours, We were not compensated in any way other than to review the item mentioned above

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