Zotos Professional 180 Pro Hair care Review

Zotos Professional 180 Pro Hair care Review

The men in my household have an advantage when it comes to hair care, they have short hair and do not require much shampoo and they certainly don’t need conditioner or many styling products, But us ladies well that is a different story, I have straight hair that is neither fine nor thick it kinda in between but oh does it frizz up and thanks to age it breaks easily and I get frustrated with it and just put it into a pony tail, My older daughter has thick hair that does not like to behave and it just does not want to cooperate with her styling needs it refuses to curl or stay down when she uses the flat- iron, she also just gives up and put in a head band or twists it and clips it into some sort of a messy bun, Then there is my youngest daughter who has a mixture of super curly and wavy hair and some parts are soft and bouncy and others are thick and have a course type texture I feel for her we have tried so many products to help make it softer, bouncy and easier to comb through using a pick.So when I came across the Zotos 180 Pro Line I had hopes, And let me tell you this worked with great expectations , On my own hair I used the 180 Pro intense reconstruct and after using it twice since receiving I have noticed less breakage and my hair felt soft combined with the 180 Miracle Repair Damage Eliminator I noticed a great improvement and did not want or feel like tying it back into a pony tail.Living in my climate we have humidity and when I walked outside it did not poof out and get as frizzy as it normally would. I was quite pleased, I also had my oldest daughter use this and she was happy that her hair did not look like she had been around a bunch of balloons infused with static electricity , She also used the 180 Pro Heat rescue leave in Hydrator before taking the flat iron to it and gasped with glee that it actually stayed . So that was a major plus. Any teen that is happy is a good thing. Now onto battle with my daughter with the extreme curly hair. She was hesitant at first which I can’t blame her we have tried so many with not very positive results. But she was game for yet another chance to make her hair manageable, So with her hair we used 180 Pro Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner along with the 180 Pro rinse out balm. She noticed how soft her hair felt and would hope that it would last and it sure did , there were no fussing or tears when it came to combing her hair and once it dried her curls were bouncy and soft, no tangles or knots to deal with, I truly believe that this one product that proved to be top notch..And I will continue to use . So if you have tried product after product to achieve your needs for your hair care I suggest trying out the Zotos 180 Hair care line
***Also during the month of November visit your local Sally Beauty Supply they are having a special going on where you can receive a FREE full size Miracle Repair Damage Eliminator Treatment with the purchase of two full size 180 pro products***..

***Disclaimer I was given the opportunity to review these products and not compensated in any way for my opinion that are %100 my own and may differ from yours ..

3 thoughts on “Zotos Professional 180 Pro Hair care Review

  1. My hair was very hard and stiff after using the 180Pro Zotos shampoo and conditioner. Everyone else is saying how soft the hair turned out. What am I doing wrong?

  2. After using the 180 pro miracle repair damage eliminater, my hair feels dry, hard, rough, and stiff. I followed the instructions and applied heat. (After blow drying it resembled teased, big hair). What did I do wrong? I’ve only read good things about it so far, so I feel like its user error.

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