Oxi Clean Laundry Detergent and Oxi Clean Dishwasher Detergent Review

Oxi Clean Laundry Detergent and Oxi Clean Dishwasher Detergent Review


As a Mom I prefer to have my childrens clothes looking clean and stain free, unfortunately I have messy eaters , My children seem to think that their clothes are napkins or I get peanut butter and jelly hugs and end up with it on my pants or shirts. We also eat a lot of sauce based foods and with that red sauce ends up on the lightest colored clothes that we own,It is some conspiracy with in the food world that staining foods end up on light clothes. Well If you are anything like me as soon as your family removes those articles of clothing one or two things happen, I pre- treat it with Oxi Clean Laundry Stain Remover and let it soak and then my attention gets directed elsewhere or it immediately wash it , Usually it just sits and soaks. Now when it comes time to wash it I put in a scoop of Oxi Clean Powder with my usual laundry detergent, There are so many steps to get my childrens clothes clean and Hubby is no exception to stains and spilling who knows what on his clothes. Well I have been recently introduced to Oxi Clean Laundry Detergent which saves me from adding this and that, I still pre-treat just to make sure but I use two products instead of 3 or 4 and that makes it much easier and time saving. I’m not one who likes to spend my weekends checking clothes for surprise stains due to the fact that I have kids that forget to tell me that they have spilled something on their clothes for the umpteenth time, Now that I have begin using Oxi-clean laundry detergent in place of what I have been using, I have confidence in knowing that my families clothes with come out clean and nice looking until the next time . Saving time and money is always a good thing.

Now with the Holidays approaching you want to bring out your most beautiful table cloth and even though you know that stains are probable to happen, You know that cleaning with the Oxi-Clean Laundry detergent will get those sought after stains out and who needs any more added stress during the Holidays , But then you look over and see the mass amount of dishes and you want to spend time with your family , watch the parade and games to follow , ah you have a dishwasher yay time saver , So go ahead use it and while you are at it useOxi Clean Extreme Dishwasher Detergent with power crystals with confidence knowing that your dishes will come out clean.and with no residue and you get sparkling clean plates, glasses and flatware.
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