Green Rainbow Revolution Complete Manga Kit Review

Green Rainbow Revolution Complete Manga Kit Review


Do you have a budding artist in your house?, Does your child like to doodle and draw to their hearts content, Well I certainly do and My daughter Bridget loves anything to do with Japanese animations,( anime for short). She loves the style of Manga.and it is her passion to draw in that style, She also has great concerns for the environment , So when I came across Green Rainbow Revolution and after reading more about their products , This was just the place for my daughter where it met both her passion for drawing and for the environment, After talking to the Leila Goldmark we selected the The Complete Manga Drawing kit -by Faber -Castelle, and as an added bonus , My daughter also received PITT Artist Brush Pen Manga Shonen Color As soon as it showed up in our mail box , She took it in the house and opened it up and begin drawing, never have I seen her draw so much. well not in one sitting. She loves the feel and the smoothness of the Pencils and the Pens, How well they flow with each stroke she takes and they do not run or bleed on the paper .With most of her drawings they are just black and white , But now she is happy to add colors and in the way of her favorite Manga artists. To say that she is overly joyed is putting it mildly, Elated is more like it . She could not wait for the following school Day to show her classmates and Art teacher , which by the way He himself now wants a set. As with any of my children once they set their minds to pursue in something or become very passionate about, I do whatever I can to encourage them, Their education goals and dreams are very important to me .I want them to succeed and be the best that they can. Whether is it drawing, singing , building I want to help expand their minds .
Here are more wonderful reasons to choose Green Rainbow Revolution,
1).All pencils are finished with water -based varnish,
2.) Erasers are PVC and latex free,
3).All Faber-Castell literature is printed on post-consumer recycled paper or FSC certified paper, which is made from paper harvested from managed forests. –
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