Arm & Hammer Clump and Seal Cat Litter Review..

Arm & Hammer Clump and Seal Cat Litter Review..

Having a feline domesticus means taking care of them and having the daunting task of the cleaning the litter box, That is my least favorite part of all, When Merlin goes and leaves his treasure of gagging stench for all to smell I just want to light a candle or spray the whole bathroom with some sort of refreshing scent, But all that really does is mask the odor temporarily and does not last all that long, So I’ve searched for cat litters that are suppose to remove the odor and keep the stench at bay, Some are really dusty or perfumed to the point where even Merlin sighs in distaste . So when I saw an advertisement for Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal and that it is guaranteed to keep fresh for (7) seven days, I was anxious to try it and a little hesitant at first, Thinking there is no way that any Cat Litter can actually do that, Yes there are days where Merlins Box gets scooped out each and every time he goes and I’ve gone a where it has sat there for a day or two , not because I’m lazy but because I just figured well there is not much in there so I will wait until I can’t stand it no more, Which makes it worse because the smell will make you want to just throw the whole box outside either that or teach Merlin to use the toilet. Well I know the latter is just a joke.. I contacted Arm and Hammer and I was sent coupons to get a free box, So when it came time to dump the whole box, clean and sanitize it , I filled it back up with the Arm & Hammer Clump and Seal, I was surprised how small the granules were which to me I’m thinking Merlin has large paws and I did not want them to get stuck in his fur and then have him bathe and get them in his system, but so far after checking his paws I have not seen any. He immediately went to his business as he always does when I put fresh litter in it, After he was done I looked to see that with in minutes it was clumped and already hardened to where I could scoop it without it falling apart,That was a plus .. So I waited a day to see what other surprises that he would leave. Merlin has a habit of waiting until everyone is asleep and drops his stench bombs which then wakes me up , and I get up and scoop it up tie it in a bag and take it out to the trash, Well since I have been using Arm & Hammer Clump and Seal, His nightly ritual has not disturbed my sleep. The only time I get a whiff of it is when I’m collecting his stench bombs to put in the bag. Now personally I can’t wait a whole week before I remove what he has left for me to clean out but I can tell you that I did wait 2 days just to make sure I would not be able to smell it, nor any one that comes over for a visit. So after the two days I could not smell anything which made me and the other household members happy, I don’t have to hear from my human kids that my bathroom smells like a litter box. Would I buy this again ? Yes I will and to all the Cat owners out there I feel that you should try this for yourself and discover what Arm& Hammer Clump and Seal has to offer
~PROS~ Clumps on contact, odor control and virtually dust free, Easy to scoop out without the clumps breaking.

~CONS~ It is on the pricey side for the 14lb Box and tiny granules that may or may not stick in the Paws.

I was satisfied and I know Merlin was too. All opinion are %90 of my own and %10 Merlins .

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