Elmers CheeWees ~ A Snack Review ~

Elmers CheeWees ~ A Snack Review ~


Calling all my purveyors  of snacking  I proudly introduce to you  Elmers Chee Wees

If  you like Sweet  or  Heat  snacks   Well then Elmers Chee Wees are perfect for you. I was given the privilege of  tasting these delectable morsels of  Cheese Curls,  Popcorn and Peanuts..

 Cheese Curls~

Here  I  only thought that Cheese Curls only  came in Cheese Flavor, I was quite pleased that they came in Flavors of   Original,  BBQ, Green Onion, Hot & Spicy and Jalapeno .  The  Green Onion flavor was a huge hit in my house, We liked  the others  just not as much as the Green Onion, and 2nd Favorite of the Cheese Curls were  BBQ. We are not a Spicy snack family but if you are these would be right for you, After all they are made  in New Orleans , Louisiana,

  • They are Baked not fried and ⅓ Less Fat than  most Cheese Curls

Your fingers do not  get  much cheesy residue on them . Which is a plus if you have kids..


We tried The Caramel and Cheese Flavors and it was hard choosing which one was our favorite. Over all the Caramel won. If you have ever tried Caramel Corn before and has stuck to your teeth  well  you will be pleased to know that it did not stick to ours and it was just the right amount of sweetness with a perfect combination of Caramel to Corn ratio, As was the Cheese Flavor


The peanuts  still in their shell were plain but you could taste their natural wholesome good peanutty flavor.

We tasted each flavor of the Cheese Curls and Popcorn  and even shared the  Jalapeno  and  Hot & Spicy Flavors of  Cheese Curls with our neighbor, since we know she loves snacks that have Spice to them.

If you are planning a future  Mardi Gras party and unable to actually go to New Orleans, Louisiana  please visit Elmers Chee Wees and order some of their fine cajun snacks, You will be pleased you did.

  • There are other ways to enjoy these snacks they can be crushed and added with bread crumbs to give your chicken coating an  extra  kick or even to flavor up pork chops.

  • Since 1946 Elmers Chee Wees have been making fine quality products and are currently in stores in Louisiana and Mississippi and hopes to expanding in other Southern States , * I hope they come to Florida*.. If these were sold in my stores I would definitely buy them, but for now I will make my purchase online,  which comes in sizes of    2.0 oz bag/ 24 in a case and  .875 oz bags which are perfect size for  lunch boxes


Check out their Facebook page ELMERS CHEE WEES FACEBOOK

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  1. These sound really good I like the idea of the different flavors .The green onion sounds really good! I will check this out thank you so much for sharing I am always looking for anew snack!

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