French Toast School Uniform Review and Giveaway 9/28

French Toast School Uniform Review and Giveaway 9/28

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School bell rings are you listening ?,What a beautiful sound to Mom’s and Dad’s all around . As the kids  head back to school…

Ah the thought of Back to school shopping just makes me cringe, all the hustling and bustling to grab 12 packages of paper, 11 packs of pocket  folders, 10 packs of pencils, 9 packs of erasers, 8 Highlighters, 7 packs of pencils, 6 packs of 3×5 index cards, 5 packs colored pencils, 4 packs of crayons, 3 pencil cases, 2 pairs of scissors and 1 head phones. And that is just for  half of the year,Next comes Clothes  going through the racks of jeans, t-shirts  by the time I’m done I need an aspirin, I hear I don’t like this one or these are too loose or too tight, too short, too long. But alas one child wears uniforms, makes shopping so much easier.Well for the most part. My child did not like a certain brand the first time she had to wear a School Uniform due to the fact they are itchy or too scratchy, So We turned to

French Toast 

 This will be our second year of wearing the French Toast Brand of School Uniforms and last years still look great and  most of them still fit, But we all know kids grow faster than your budget does, So I went up an extra size just to ensure that they last   the year without having to purchase more, of course I will if needed but since  French Toast School Uniforms  last longer than the  Uniforms  we  purchased when we first started out  .Unlike the before mentioned itchy brand, there is no struggle in the mornings to get my lil one dressed! Mornings are tough enough with out a power struggle about what to wear!Not only do they look and feel great, they are also super low maintenance! What mom has time for troublesome laundry routines? I know I dont! That is why I love French Toast Uniforms! they are wash and wear! Happy kids and happy moms make a better school year for us all” French Toast Uniforms have been around since 1958 Bringing  Families  Quality  School Uniforms without breaking your budget.

They carry over 6,000  Style, Colors and sizes all year round. And can be found in retailers across the nation ,

Can’t find what you need or want in your store simply head over to  

French Toast 

and search with their easy to navigate  website. All uniforms come with a  100% Satisfaction and a 90 day return  and free freight on exchanges.



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