Elmers Chee Wees Lunch Box Special Giveaway 9/28~10/5

Elmers Chee Wees Lunch Box Special Giveaway 9/28~10/5

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Hosted By  GlitterBall Lifestyle.

Sponsored  By: Elmers CheeWees


Please Read the  Review ~ Of ELMERS CHEEWEES HERE  

Our gracious friends over at Elmers CheeWees have given us the opportunity to give away one of their LunchBox Specials ,  One lucky person will Get the taste of New Orleans sent to them.



Disclosure:Glitter Ball  Life Style   teamed up with Elmer’s for this giveaway. Other participating bloggers are not responsible for choosing the winner or shipment of product. They have not receive any compensation for this post. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. The winner will be chose at random and emailed. The winner must claim the prize within 48 hours or they risk forfeiting the prize.




Elmers CheeWees ~ A Snack Review ~

Elmers CheeWees ~ A Snack Review ~


Calling all my purveyors  of snacking  I proudly introduce to you  Elmers Chee Wees

If  you like Sweet  or  Heat  snacks   Well then Elmers Chee Wees are perfect for you. I was given the privilege of  tasting these delectable morsels of  Cheese Curls,  Popcorn and Peanuts..

 Cheese Curls~

Here  I  only thought that Cheese Curls only  came in Cheese Flavor, I was quite pleased that they came in Flavors of   Original,  BBQ, Green Onion, Hot & Spicy and Jalapeno .  The  Green Onion flavor was a huge hit in my house, We liked  the others  just not as much as the Green Onion, and 2nd Favorite of the Cheese Curls were  BBQ. We are not a Spicy snack family but if you are these would be right for you, After all they are made  in New Orleans , Louisiana,

  • They are Baked not fried and ⅓ Less Fat than  most Cheese Curls

Your fingers do not  get  much cheesy residue on them . Which is a plus if you have kids..


We tried The Caramel and Cheese Flavors and it was hard choosing which one was our favorite. Over all the Caramel won. If you have ever tried Caramel Corn before and has stuck to your teeth  well  you will be pleased to know that it did not stick to ours and it was just the right amount of sweetness with a perfect combination of Caramel to Corn ratio, As was the Cheese Flavor


The peanuts  still in their shell were plain but you could taste their natural wholesome good peanutty flavor.

We tasted each flavor of the Cheese Curls and Popcorn  and even shared the  Jalapeno  and  Hot & Spicy Flavors of  Cheese Curls with our neighbor, since we know she loves snacks that have Spice to them.

If you are planning a future  Mardi Gras party and unable to actually go to New Orleans, Louisiana  please visit Elmers Chee Wees and order some of their fine cajun snacks, You will be pleased you did.

  • There are other ways to enjoy these snacks they can be crushed and added with bread crumbs to give your chicken coating an  extra  kick or even to flavor up pork chops.

  • Since 1946 Elmers Chee Wees have been making fine quality products and are currently in stores in Louisiana and Mississippi and hopes to expanding in other Southern States , * I hope they come to Florida*.. If these were sold in my stores I would definitely buy them, but for now I will make my purchase online,  which comes in sizes of    2.0 oz bag/ 24 in a case and  .875 oz bags which are perfect size for  lunch boxes


Check out their Facebook page ELMERS CHEE WEES FACEBOOK

Begin Again Toy Giveaway Ends 10/2

Begin Again Toy Giveaway Ends 10/2

Begin Again Toys Review and Giveaway

Hosted by More Than Just Reviews by Pink

Sponsored by Begin Again Toys



I was given the opportunity to review 2 great learning toys to try. BeginAgain Toys sent me the Alphabet A to Z Puzzle. Now this is one of the cutest things ever, the puzzle consists of food items. When the puzzle is removed from the tray, one side is a place setting, and the other is a stove. This puzzle is great for toys and imagination. My daughter is 4 and when she removed all the pieces from the tray I was a little worried that she wouldn’t be able to get them back in, but she was able to. She also plays with the pieces in her toy kitchen.


My baby loves to draw and we also got the Artist On The Go Kit. She colored and drew her little heart out. I think anything from BeginAgain is a wonderful resource for teachers, home schooling parents and even parents wanting to do a little extra at home with the little one. Enter below for a chance to win one of these awesome toys for your little one.

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Frugal Halloween Wreath

Frugal Halloween Wreath

I had the wire coat hanger, and the screen mesh on hand , All I had to purchase was the orange plastic table cloth for $1.00 at the Dollar Store . and Boom ‪#‎HalloweenWreath‬
You will need 1 wire coat hanger, 1 54″ plastic table cloth and a few squares of screen mesh, 
Take the coat hanger and un-twist and form your desired shape, I did a circle and taped the ends together, cut table cloth into 3 inch by 3inch strips and loop around the coat hanger and tie into a knot and continue this and as you add strips push each one down until the circle is completely filled in between tie strips of screen mesh, this took me about 2 1/2 hours to complete.


French Toast School Uniform Review and Giveaway 9/28

French Toast School Uniform Review and Giveaway 9/28

Review by My GlitterBall Lifestyle

Sponsored by French Toast

School bell rings are you listening ?,What a beautiful sound to Mom’s and Dad’s all around . As the kids  head back to school…

Ah the thought of Back to school shopping just makes me cringe, all the hustling and bustling to grab 12 packages of paper, 11 packs of pocket  folders, 10 packs of pencils, 9 packs of erasers, 8 Highlighters, 7 packs of pencils, 6 packs of 3×5 index cards, 5 packs colored pencils, 4 packs of crayons, 3 pencil cases, 2 pairs of scissors and 1 head phones. And that is just for  half of the year,Next comes Clothes  going through the racks of jeans, t-shirts  by the time I’m done I need an aspirin, I hear I don’t like this one or these are too loose or too tight, too short, too long. But alas one child wears uniforms, makes shopping so much easier.Well for the most part. My child did not like a certain brand the first time she had to wear a School Uniform due to the fact they are itchy or too scratchy, So We turned to

French Toast 

 This will be our second year of wearing the French Toast Brand of School Uniforms and last years still look great and  most of them still fit, But we all know kids grow faster than your budget does, So I went up an extra size just to ensure that they last   the year without having to purchase more, of course I will if needed but since  French Toast School Uniforms  last longer than the  Uniforms  we  purchased when we first started out  .Unlike the before mentioned itchy brand, there is no struggle in the mornings to get my lil one dressed! Mornings are tough enough with out a power struggle about what to wear!Not only do they look and feel great, they are also super low maintenance! What mom has time for troublesome laundry routines? I know I dont! That is why I love French Toast Uniforms! they are wash and wear! Happy kids and happy moms make a better school year for us all” French Toast Uniforms have been around since 1958 Bringing  Families  Quality  School Uniforms without breaking your budget.

They carry over 6,000  Style, Colors and sizes all year round. And can be found in retailers across the nation ,

Can’t find what you need or want in your store simply head over to  

French Toast 

and search with their easy to navigate  website. All uniforms come with a  100% Satisfaction and a 90 day return  and free freight on exchanges.



Free Doughnut @KrispyKreme on 9/19

Free Doughnut @KrispyKreme on 9/19

Visit a Krispy Kreme shop on Friday, September 19 and you’ll get a free doughnut if you talk like a pirate (ARRGH) If you dress like a pirate you get a free dozen original glazed doughnuts. Qualifying pirate costumes must include three or more of the following items: Eye Patch Pirate Hat Bandana Peg Leg Parrot on Shoulder Pirate Shirt / Loose white shirt Knickers Leather Belt • Silver and gold necklaces and earrings • Pirate Hook • Pointy black boots or ragged brown sandals

Krispy Kreme Facebook Page