Pet Harness Safety Review

Pet Harness Safety Review

Summer comes along and most families will travel and then there is the decision to either take the furkids with you or leave them at home with a family member or friend or find a kennel for them to stay with, So if the option is to take them with you, You want to ensure that they are good to go with updated shots, bring plenty of food with you and any other necessities that they may need, Now how to keep them safe in the back seat of your car, Do you want them in a kennel or secure them in a harness attached to the seat belt. Choosing to harness them in with the seat belt you want to ensure that you have the proper one, One that wont be too tight , too loose and still be able to move but not restrict them completely, And to also make sure that it is all one piece in the event you need to make a rest stop with out having to undo all just to attach the leash. Petco has a Harness/ Leash system for just the occasion whether your are traveling across town to the Vets or on a Long/Short Vacation. So aptly named Tru-Fit Smart Harness by Kurgo It is a two in one system for Dogs of all sizes from 5 pounds up to 110Kurgo Tru-Fit Harness 5 point adjustment with padded chest plate, is the choice to go with when traveling, Keep your furkid secure while you remain in control. Now while stopping at the rest area your furkid would like a drink and you are not too sure about what to give him/her a drink out of and most bowls are taking up space so why not use a collapsible water dish and safe space. The Good2Go Collapsible Silicone Pet Travel Bowl is convenientSilicone Water

So have safe travels and keep your pet safe too.

*I was not compensated with the exception of trying and review the products above*

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