Mom's Kisses A Natural Review

Mom's Kisses A Natural Review

Having clumsy children there is always one or all of them getting some type of scratch, bruises or both. My natural instinct is to grab something to clean off with, an antibiotic and band-aids. But it makes me wonder what am I really putting on the cuts and scrapes is there really such a need for all these unnatural ingredients to be put on their delicate skin. While doing research for an alternative to what I have been putting on my kids all these years I came across and just what is exactly this product. Well it is a new topical Herbal medicine made from the natural Arnica montana flower with a hint of lavender. MOM’S KISSES has 20 % concentration and is the highest concentration you can buy in Canada. MOM’S KISSES has been clinically proven to heal bruising & inflammation caused by contusions and sprains. Great for sore muscles too. MOM’S KISSES is a natural pain reliever and safe for all ages. and it does work, My daughter gets bump and bruises all the time and a quick spray is all you need, I did notice how ever that it did come out rather fast and I needed to dab it on and I was surprised on how well it worked and appeared to heal faster than anything I have used before.

(Do you have pets) There is also Pet Arni Curew which is made with %15 Arnica montana, fortunately I have not had to use it on them, but if needed I trust that it is safe to use on them.

As mom I don’t want to use anything unnatural on my kids so if you are a mom or a green living mom please check out Mom’s Kisses. and read the testimonials on her site.

* Disclaimer* I was not compensated for this with the exception of reviewing the products

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