Purr Packs Review

Purr Packs Review

I have very spoiled Cat(s) and when it comes to them I choose the very best so when I found a place that caters to felines I could not resist the temptation, I chose https://purrpacks.com/ and they graciously sent me the sampler pack and the felines happily obliged. So many delightful treats and accessories and toys came in the box that was personally addressed to them. Purr Packs is the perfect gift for any cat family, or just for your own! Purr-Packs are available as small discovery sets or as larger, fully-loaded mega-packs! Select a Purr-Pack delivery plan and custom options for your cat or as a gift for another cat! Packed with toys, treats & love, Purr-Packs are an ideal gift!

What Merlin and Holly received DSC01665Personalized Box

DSC01667 Which contained all these wonderful items

Merlin and Holly were quite pleased with their gifts .


* These are my own opinions I was not compensated in any way for my review other than the products that were received *

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