Fiber One Fruit Flavored Snacks ( Review)

Fiber One Fruit Flavored Snacks ( Review)

When I hear the word FIBER I think of Breads and grains and all that stuff you find in health food stores. But now as I get a little older and am told to eat more Fiber and so is my husband, also with him being a diabetic and other health issues his Dr. , Has told him to increase his Fiber but like most he is stubborn and will only eat what he feels like eating, But Now I’m thinking well If people our age need more FIBER in our diet what about my kids, Should they also need more in their diet too?. Well I have picky eaters and if you tell them or they even catch on that something may be healthy for them, Well they may as well turn up their noses and proceed to stick out their tongue with much distaste , Well Now Fiber One® has come out with a very great concept that is sure to please even the most hesitant eater/ snacker But the best part is that you can taste the fruit flavors in them, the taste is so mouthwatering and so delicious and no weird after taste. I gave them to my kids to try with out first telling them what brand they were and their first response was ” Wow these taste really good” Then when I showed them that they were from the Fiber One® brand they were is awe. So I guess from now on these will be purchased and replacing other brands of fruit snacks And if you would like to learn more about Fiber One® Please head over to their website or Fiber One® Facebook page Fiber one fruit snacks



*General Mills provided me with the free product and information.*

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  1. This is just clever marketing; these fruit snacks are actually not particularly good for you as they are loaded with extra sugar and high fructose corn syrup. These have 10 grams of sugar per tiny pouch, almost half the healthy daily limit for women and nearly 2/3 the healthy limit for children. They are tasty, but there are many healthier fiber choices for kids and adults.

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