Dazzling Princess™ Games! Winner's Announced On Valentines Day

Dazzling Princess™ Games! Winner's Announced On Valentines Day

As most of you know we are a large family spread across the USA. With 8 kids and 13 Grandkids we are no stranger to buying board games and since we where first introduced to Wonder Forge games durning the 2012 Christmas season, (Thank You Paula!!) we have been addicted. This company is all about family! If you want great family memory’s playing games everyone in the family can enjoy Wonder Forge is a MUST BUY! The game Dazzling Princess is sure to be no exception to what for us has been a growing love and admiration for the Wonder Forge Family of Games! This game was just introduced for 2012 and is sure to be a hit! Wonder Forge is teaming up once again the the BHDD to bring you a Dazzling Princess game of your own! FIVE WINNERS for our Valentines Giveaway!

Surprisingly good fun for the whole family!

In 2007 a small group of creative types with a passion for children’s entertainment came together to develop extraordinarily fun, original play experiences for kids and families. Wonder Forge was born!

Wonder Forge offers brain challenging fun for the whole family—with preschool games that celebrate every kid, and family games that bridge generation gaps and build bonds.

The Wonder Forge takes an innovative approach to licensing, bringing cherished literary classics and award-winning television shows to life in a whole new way through dynamic, inventive game play.

See our complete list of partners here.

Today Wonder Forge makes 50 games for all ages, sold nationwide and in four countries. Our games have received more than 100 of the industry’s top awards for product excellence.

Wonder Forge Family Games

Brain-challenging fun for everyone!

Wonder Forge family games provide brain-challenging fun for all, while bridging generation gaps and building family bonds. Ideal for kids ages 8 & up and grown-ups who are young at heart.

Put some sizzle into your family game night:
Konexi—the award-winning, gravity-defying word game!
Konexi Premium Edition
Mythbusters Hit the Target Game
Thanks a Lot?!

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  1. Enchanted Cupcake Party Game is a favorite as well as the Doc McStuffins matching game.

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