VIP ( Very Important Pet) Petco Review

VIP ( Very Important Pet) Petco Review

Do you have a VIP ( very important pet ), ?

Most people consider their pets as their families or furbabies
and when it comes to my furbabies I consider them as family and with Holidays such as Valentines Day there is no exception . And as a pet parent each of my furbabies get a special gift, It varies from year to year sometimes its a toy other times it is a treat of some sort. This year thanks to the wonderful people at Petco the place” Where the pets go “took careful consideration in choosing the perfect gifts for my pets (furbabies) Lil Miss Ariel received an adorable t-shirt that sure to please any pooch that dreams of being a doggy fashionista and toys to keep her occupied and to chew and play with to her hearts content .Much to her dismay her feline fur brother also received gifts from the land of Petco a mini laser pointer that keeps him occupied and out of her hair. Silly Merlin has not caught that red dot that appears on the wall and even Ariel will join in on the fun and it pleases her to move him out of the way to catch it. I can say that both of them are pleased and happy with the gifts that they have received , So if you are looking for that special Valentine gift for your furbabies I encourage you to check out your local Petco . So please your pooches and fancy your felines with a Petco Valentine Gifts today.
 Petco Ruffluv tankRuffLuv Brand Tank Top toyHeart chew toy V Day Heartslaserchase toy Together Time Laser toy

*Disclaimer* I was not compensated in anyway Petco sent me these gifts on behalf of a review, all opinions are my own expressions ,,

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