Win A GIANT Chocolate Stash From Guylian Chocolates, Just in time for CHRISTMAS!! Ends 12/16/2013

Win A GIANT Chocolate Stash From Guylian Chocolates, Just in time for CHRISTMAS!! Ends 12/16/2013

Talk about a SWEET prize!! We were sent a big box of Guylian’s delicious Belgian Chocolates creations. Ok I will be totally honest here…they where eaten so quickly we almost did not get photos! We all know how much this family love chocolate…No big secret there. AND you all know I am VERY VERY picky…again no secret. Guylian was a PERFECT solution to my chocolate obsessed craziness. This is not so much a candy as it is an experience. SO many things just are what they are…yep chocolate is good…some chocolate is great….then we have Guylian. Guylian has taken this all to a whole new level. I LOVE this chocolate. I mean like would possibly throw myself in front of a moving train just to get the last truffle full on in love with Guylian chocolate’s. If your new to this site you might question this…if you have been around awhile you know my obsessive nature to ALWAYS want the best of everything when ever possible. And I can say with 1000% confidence the creamy rich full-bodied flavor released into your mouth when you take a bite of this chocolate will send shivers down your taste buds! Each bite better than the next! We received CHOCOLATE BARS: Dark Chocolate Bar (72% Cocoa), Milk Chocolate Bar, Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts Bar, No Sugar Added Dark Chocolate Bar (54% Cacao), No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate Bar….Never again shall Herseys chocolate be good enough. I also had Chocolate Truffles, Extra Dark Chocolate Truffles, Vanilla Cream Truffles, Individually Wrapped Chocolate Truffles. Each truffle was a work of art. I LOVED the sea themed candys…every detail was in place…you KNEW that something amazing was going to happen as soon as you bit into the candy….I dd have a moment of conflict. They honestly are almost TO pretty to eat. Thankfully my chocolate crazed better half took the plunge first…and by better half I do not mean the husband…ha like he would get to eat this candy first!! By better half I mean the part of myself that is the wild child…who would never allow chocolate in the house without at least trying it out!! And try it out I did…and inside was a burst of creamy nutty goodness that cannot be compared to…well to anything I have had! AWESOMENESS… that a word?? If not it needs to be to describe the flavor of creamy hazelnut and fine belgium chocolate! I want more…I need more!! And one of you are going to get a box full of amazing Guylian magic for yourself! Make your holidays or someone REALLY specials, (trust me dont waste this candy on someone not special) holiday season a lot better with the prize we have been graciously allowed to share with one of you! Thank you Guylian for making my season sweet! Read more about Guylian Chocolates here: A Story of Love and Chocolate Still looking for a gift to give to someone special? or for the US: AND save 10% through the end of the year
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